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  • drod4ball drod4ball Aug 12, 2014 2:05 PM Flag

    Stock absolutely destroyed me, this management is worthless.

    and should all be dead. I am out. Done with this stock. Lost a ton of my family's money and just can't deal anymore. I've never seen a company run so poorly and so carelessly while the idiots stay there collecting absurd salaries. I really honestly do wish bad things to happen to Eric Rose. He has caused me a lot of pain. I am pretty much ruined and have to reset back 5 years in my life. Some of you sleazebags will probably think that is great, but be careful of karma, it is real.

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    • You Idiot

    • sorry to hear Drod, I was holding for a while but bailed and glad I did. Here, let me ease the pain a bit SPPI just blew their numbers out the door and got 2 Analyst upgrades this week. They have several catalysts between now and December. Stock should go up a fair bit, maybe even double. Maybe put a small amount of what you have there and hopefully cut your loss. you'll be okay, I've been there and it sucks but there's always another day, chin up.

    • Drod, you're right, karma has a way of making things work out. The alias Drod, among several aliases, deserves as much bad karma as can be meted out. I'm glad you're out of here as Drod, the whiner. Hopefully, you'll choose two of you're less grating aliases while faking dialogue.


    • Sorry Drod, I am screwed on this one too but will still hang in there. To me, Parsons is the real villain for letting this languish in his court for years and not using any common sense. He has to be getting something under the table from pip to be so one sided. Last time Siga went this low I bought more and sold it when it doubled, but I still have some of my original more costly shares.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Good luck to you Drod.

    • Sorry to here that man, but the first rule in investing if you can't afford to lose it don't invest it especially in high risk stocks!
      This stock hurt me bad, as well, but I have it in my risk portfolio. Along with cytr which hurt too, but in turn I have had some that have turn in great profits as well.
      High risk high reward or loss especially with these low dollar Bio-techs.

    • Could be worse, you could be like me and own Dendreon too. Im convinced Wall st has targeted my portfolio for destruction

    • I feel for you....a lot of hope got destroyed here.
      This company could #$%$ up a free lunch. They should all be tortured.
      There may still be a chance at some point to recoup some losses here.....

    • Drod, sorry to hear about your losses, and understand your frustration with management, lack of communication or even concern for average retail investor. In fairness to Eric, the legal debacle is really the fault of Perelman's unwillingness to believe sufficiently in the ST-246 to adequately fund the company and Drapkin's actions. Wishing ill will toward Eric, or even Drapkin and Perelman, is understandable, but not really appropriate.

      As an investor, we should never invest what we are not willing to lose. That is why we are trained to diversify to minimize the impact of any one position to our overall portfolio and well being. We bear responsibility for our decisions, whether that is buy, sell, hold, or not to adequately diversify. All the blame does not rest with management. I have seen genuine hard working, honest management teams lead companies to failure, that is a risk we take when we invest. How they and we deal with it in the process speaks to our own character.

      I truly wish you all the best and trust that your family values you far more than the money you may have lost with SIGA.

    • Sorry Drod re Siga (and MDWD as well thus far)... It's looking to me like a BK filing might well be in the cards if they can't work something out with PIP. You were a long time loyal shareholder, unlike most of the putz's here now. You deserved better...And quite frankly,so did I.