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  • endomir endomir Apr 26, 2002 12:48 AM Flag

    The Stent Could Fail

    I'll never forget how that weight-reducing drug(Fen-Fen) was a sure thing. Medical cures are never a sure thing. Clinical studies are always under suspicion.It takes along time to determine effectiveness.

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    • You've got to be kidding...that's a really lame attempt to bash JNJ comparing it to Fen-Fen. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

      The clinical studies on the drug coated stent show 0% restenosis @ 1 year. They are published and easily found.

      JnJ is the most conservative and retentive company I know. The only problems they are having will be with ramping capacity and staying out of back order.

      Prior studies show bypass vs stent application to be a draw as to restenosis. No one who needs this procedure will choose anything but the drug coated stent (unless they are unaware!)

      This will add billions to JnJ sales and firmly put them in the drivers seat again in stents!

    • Well said, endomir. The best medicine still is, appropriate excises, balanced nutrition, enough sleep, positive outlook on life, .....etc. You can literally practice them for a penny a day (the cost could add up because you will live a very long life that way.)

      Everything else is just a remedy. Sometimes they work, and more often than not they fail. Regardless of they work or not, they cost you a bundle. No, the hospital would not give you a discount even if you die in an operation room.

      The only sure thing in life? You will die. You may argue that taxation is another. Well, that depends. You don't pay taxes if you don't have an income.


    • And it could theoretically snow in Miami.
      Some people could use a coated stent in the arteries leading to their oxygen starved brains.

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