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  • susan110453 susan110453 Aug 5, 2003 10:08 PM Flag


    J&J is deflating faster than my pumped up falsies, yes Yosudum, I am flat chested and just all falsies pumped up daily at the Free Air pump at the Gulf Station. J&J is also losing water faster than 14 of the old bags at the stockholders meeting who took their direutics before the meeting so as to have a good pee so as not to pee up their Serenity pads while they were grabbing the goodie bags. J&J is also dumping more violently than all the old ladies put together at the stockholders meeting who ate many too many of the stale bread sandwiches resulting in extremely noisy and putrid farting followed by volcanic bowel movements in the Hyatt Hotel. PEEEEEYOUUU and God bless those who had to use the stall after them. Not only do they stink like hell, but they piss all over the seat and make poopie on the floor to boot. Why the hell do old ladies stink like that??? What the hell do they do for so long in the stalls?? Assess their drooping assets??? J&J would be a good asset to check out in the toilet- that is where it is now!!!! J&J is gasping for air like the old fart woman who swallowed her false teeth when she fell on her walker as she was leaping over a chair trying to get several goodie bags at one time. What a sound like SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHssssssshhhsssshhhh Gee, what a pissed up and pooped out, deflating, sucked out and soon FLAT line stock. BOO on J&J. Time for all of us to go and take a dump to match the dump our portfolios have taken. FLUSH!!!!

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    • What does that say about you? It says she turns me on? Now what does it say about you? Perhaps she gets you GOING a little?

    • Invest in your mental health: sex has proved to be a major factor for emotional well being.

    • You get a life, this is an investment board! What are you doing here? "she has a sex life",if you call her hand in her panties a sex life and you "getting off" on her posts, what does that say about you.? Where do you people come from.?

    • Yes I am a real woman. I am a wife and a mother of a college student, so I am anatonically a female with all the right parts in the right places, despite the claims of some that I am actually a male. I am a woman with a very quick intellect, highly educated and owner of her own business. Perhaps these attributes in combination threaten some on this board. I enjoy observing the stock market but see no use in commenting on every 1/8 point gyration in stock price or trying to predict whether the bottom has been reached or what a close will be on a particular day. Let's face it, the market is largely moved by institutional players and there is little those not in this category can do to change that reality. So, moaning and groaning about shorting or going long on a stock will not help a thing. Likewise if someone has some "inside" information they are in jeopardy of being accesed of conflict of interest by disseminating such information- especially on a public forum such as this. Glad you are in great shape. I power walk, ride a bike, take aerboics classes and make a real effort to stay in shape. Glad you enjoy my posts, as some find them offensive- sorry- Bless me father for I have sinned by offending these stock obsessed individuals.

    • Thanks for the "plug" Susan .. Although I dont recall saying you were flat chested! That would be bad !!! I enjoy a Big Nipple to suck on.... Go JNJ !

    • Agree on not being serious all day, but being stiff has it's advantages.

      Other than that...I'm appalled by your behavior.

    • Braincandyradio- Thanks for the good words.
      I enjoy making posts and am sure that there are some pople who would find something to smile about in them. A smile a day keeps the Dr. away. So, if I can help in that regard, I am pleased. If someone has a stiff upper lip, lacks a sense of humor or appreciation for creative play on the English language then there is nothing I can do for them- they are beyond help.

    • Susan... Don't let them get you down. Your posts are fun and light-hearted. You have also contributed many times with very relevent thoughts on JNJ. Keep posting and keep having fun!

    • Great observation doneiswon. Insecurity often breeds antagonistic responses. Then again, as those who are offended by my posts have chosen to ignore my posts and block them, they will never read them. Their loss, not mine.

    • could it be some are threatened by your obvious inteligence combined with your sexual suggestions?

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