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  • jonboat25 jonboat25 Feb 18, 2006 10:23 AM Flag

    Time to move on

    I usually do not comment on this board other then pass along information but to the long time posters on this board I fear this board has become a waste of time. The mindless bashing and inane comments add little investment value. It appears to have worsened with the Guidant / BSX / JNJ war which has brought an influx of disgruntled moronic children disguised as investors. If Pcka, Marathon, Credo, Raritan Observer etc. have any suggestions on an alternative board for serious investors I would appreciate that feedback. In an attempt at real comments my opinion is that the Pharma sector is driving the current situation and will take the brunt of the cost cutting measures. For the first time that sector is flat and offsetting gains in MD&D. We have seen the PRD cuts and the latest rumor is that SCIOS is now cutting back on their entire operations based upon the failure of NATRECOR�. It would appear 2006 will be more of the same with the company attempting to hold on to 9-10% gain with hopes of breakout in 2007. I believe a �hold� until 3rd Qtr is warranted and then a reassessment of the environment. For those ready to now attack my comments please have a go at it but do not expect a reply. Good luck to all Boat�

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    • Boat has been a loyal poster on this "exclusive board" for the last 6 years
      or more. I typed exclusive, because only 5 or 6 posts a day were the norm from 2000 to till last year. After Weldon "hit the fan" all sorts of disgruntled posts have appreared on this board.

      I wish some of you would go to the annual shareholders meeting and make half the fuss you make on this board.

      Who do you think reads the messages on this board? Let me think...No one...Most of the people only post inane messages with no evidence that they read anyone else's posts at all. Thats why JonBoat, Spin Dr. and other long timers are leaving this board.

      Credorules is an original, but has an impersonator who refuses to change his name in defference to seniority.

      Weldon bashing has become an Olympic sport on this board...imagine all the new investors who come to this board for guidance before they invest in JNJ...Not! Most would short the stock if they read this board.

      Good luck to JonBoat25 and all the veterans who have gone elsewhere in search for an intelligent message board.

      • 2 Replies to pcka2000
      • da bunny begs to agree....

        most should short the sh** out of da johnsons....

        willy weldon is da new slick willy....

        living off da fruits of long-ago work....

        just'll see....

        willy will be axed when da funds recognize da decreasing growth across all da sectors....

        then a bushie will arrive and show us some real wmds....

        da bunny knows....

        just wait for da first chickie ceo....

    • The pharma problems are industry-wide. It makes little sense to bash JNJ about also doesn't make any sense to proclaim huge gains in the coming months when we know pharma sales are on the slide.

      Its just time to sit tight.

    • I agree with you Boat. Pharm sector has more problems than most realize. Pipeline is fuzzy at best. JNJ is not for day traders.

      OMP sales forces will face further reductions later in 2006 if behind forecast.

      It would not surprise me to see an early retirement program during the last quarter in order to thin out the most expensive employees in the pharma sector. Tough times at JNJ.

      Things in the pharma sector really slowed down when Dr. Janssen "semi retired" in the mid '90's. The Janssen research labs have not brought a new drug to market since risperidone was launched. Now that Dr. Janssen is gone, I don't know if they have strong leadership.

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