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  • joe_schmuck_md joe_schmuck_md May 1, 2006 11:18 AM Flag

    Hit the road Mexicans - get out NOW


    1. If you're an illegal alien... YOU'RE HERE ILLEGALLY! You should be fingerprinted and deported. No hearing necessary. If you're caught in this country again illegally, you'll do ten years in a federal prison before you're deported again.

    2. If you hire an illegal alien... ITS AGAINST THE LAW! Hiring managers should face 5 years in prison per illegal hire; owners of any company that hires illegals should have their house and auto auctioned off and the money used to hire more border patrol agents. (That'll make owners keep an eye on what's happening in their company...).

    Anyone have a problem with this?

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    • As a legal alien who has spent years working towards citizenship, it would piss me off to see illegals get amnesty. But your proposal would piss me off even more - it costs approx $35,000 a year to keep each prisoner locked up in California (double that if they're elderly), so pick up three repeat illegals in downtown Los Angeles and under your proposal you're spent around a million bucks. Now add the cost of building the prisons to house them. And the costs of hunting them down and prosecuting them. And then there are all those small businesses you're planning to shutdown because you've imprisoned the hiring managers...and of course, the additional cost of locking them up too. Hardly a financially prudent proposal, is it?

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      • illegalmexican,

        Your message is exactly correct. Illegal immigrants are a problem to this country, but they also provide a critical piece of the puzzle. An illegal immigrant DOES NOT have rights, period. That's where the process for change must begin, then we can focus on the solution. A solution that shows a willingness to openly accept new citizens while not rewarding those that find refuge without paying the price for freedom (citizenship). If we continue to water down the worth of our freedom by allowing a significant portion of our workforce to be hidden in the depths of illegal immigrancy, then Americans can expect our world supremacy to continue to decline! These illegal immigrants must be working towards citizenship or expelled from the country...period. This is not a Dems or Reps discussion, it is a freedom discussion. Stealing freedom is short-lived, earning freedom is forever...JMHO

        I posted this message on another board yesterday...

        We have a fundamental problem in this country, everyone feels that they should be paid at the same rate as the guy next to them because they work just as hard. Because of this problem, we are losing the middle class, by way of blending the lower and middle class into one big group. Basically, we have the rich and the poor.

        The world does not work that way! You can do everything right, but still struggle to get where you want to be. That's life folks! Not everyone can be rich. Not everyone can be in the middle. And, not everyone can be poor. Their is no incentive to improve if we are all poor or all rich!

        That's why we (Americans) have allowed the illegal immigrants to come into our country, they are willing to do what we feel is below us! Now that they want rights, we are acting like the spoiled brats we have become. I think they should earn their citizenship legally like every other immigrant, but remember, we started this crap and now we have to be prepared to do the jobs that we obviously didn't want.

        I believe they are in this country illegally and should not be allowed to get around the system just because they managed to get over the border. Send them home or make them earn the citizenship legally, without preferences! Americans are immigrants, but the original immigrants made laws to avoid what we have today and preserve our freedom, just imagine if we had enforced our own laws!

        I know everyone will not agree, but it is truly JMHO. father-in-law has his green card. Ask someone that has gotten their freedom legally, what their opinion is of todays boycott? Don't waste your time asking an illegal immigrant, their opinion does not count, legally?

    • The majority will agree with you, unfortunately our government, Reps or Dems, will take the easy road and avoid the tough decisions! A compromise will be made where a compromise does not belong...


    • NOPE!!!!

    • Yes, I do, you've built five prison and they're all full, now what?

    • One of my problems with Illegals is that I work with people that are here legally and want to become citizens. They go through all the red-tape, pay all the fees, and "do their time" to become a US citizen. In otherwords, they obey the law.

      Amnesty due to polical pressure is a complete joke, if it comes to it. All the people I know that have their green cards (or are here on work visas) are against amnesty, and for good reasons. The US is supposed to be a country founded on jurisprudence, and any form of amnesty flies in the face of what this country is founded on.

    • I personally think the punishments should be more severe than what you have listed, but that is better than what we have not I guess.

    • I have a problem with part of it. It's difficult to determine proper paperwork for small companies; i.e., fraudulant SSN, etc. I would concur with the employers who pay cash; however, the employers who pay payroll taxes not knowing that the individual is illegal should be protected by fraud statues.

    • I'm in! Although, goes for ALL ILLEGALS...
      Except terrorists, kill 'em!!!

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