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  • scubasteve38 scubasteve38 May 2, 2006 8:37 AM Flag

    Hit the road Mexicans - get out NOW

    Ok, I have to chime in on this one. Jokes about anyones social or economic standards are uncalled for. The fact of the matter is that by deffinition they are ILLIGAL immigrants. We have already passed laws against them. It is like allowing people to speed. For some reason our government feels it is plausable to let the people chose which laws are real and which ones are suggestions.

    I saw a man on one of the 24 hours news chanels yesterday who was complaining that his rubber business was being econimcally impacted by his employees going on strike for the day. That is like a pimp complaining that his hoes got arrested for prostitution. They are both harboring illegal activity and should be arrested themselves.

    Simple solution. Federal law saying that illigal immigrants can work in the US if their employer pays a fee of $100 a day. If they are caught not paying the fee it is a 1000$ a day fine. It will only take about 3 sting opperations and it would motivate immigrants to come over the proper way because no one would hire them.

    Just my two cents


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