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  • nickp60 nickp60 Mar 13, 2009 3:40 PM Flag

    We are finally in a bull market!

    With the recent sustained market rally, it seems that we are now in an "unofficial" bull market (S&P up over 9%! since March 3). As Buffet (aka the "oracle") stated, we have the right man [Obama] for the job.

    Financial markets have finally turned around! Citi no longer needs aid! BUY, BUY, BUY.

    I bought JNJ at 47.70! You still have time to make a ton of money on JNJ!

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    • I have been accumulating shares of JNJ for about 18 months so I am a fan BUT...

      Whil your man Buffet was saying "we have the right man for the job" out one side of his face he was selling big American institutions like JNJ because he now sees that Obama does not want to see corporate profits.

      Bottom line Obama must go. In about 29 moths we will see who his competition will be for 2012 and these markets will soar!!

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      • You know Buffet probably HATES being called "The Oracle".

        Buffet also praised and worshipped Obama in his recent interview, but then denounced Obama's policies! You have a good point that Buffet may be talking out both sides of his mouth!

        Do you really think the markets will soar if blue-blooded Republicans/Democrat infiltrators elect another moderate like McCain???

      • Regarding Obama, let's not jump to conclusions. Let's see what happens. Sure I am apprehensive, the economy has been thru incredible gyrations and we have a new president with unusual ideas. However, it's too early to say "Obama" was a good thing or a bad thing. Another worry, we have China saying they are very concerned about our mountain of debt. I worry about the dollar. It sunk dramatically under Bush, I hope that trend reverses.

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