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  • taxedtothewazoo taxedtothewazoo Jan 29, 2011 8:31 AM Flag

    Weldon Pushing ObamaoCare Part 1

    Weldon goes against the grain of most Americans. Message sent to employees and retirees:

    Dear Colleagues:

    After the November elections, I reached out to you to outline the critical areas of focus for Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Government Affairs & Policy in the U.S. As 2011 begins, our priorities remain fostering an environment in which we can meet the needs of our patients and customers while we grow our businesses for the long term. This theme was reinforced by our Chairman and CEO Bill Weldon in his quarterly business update this week, in which he cited the many promising and innovative opportunities for growth anticipated in the coming year.

    These themes were also reflected during this week’s State of the Union Address as President Obama set out many priorities, including his agenda for the economy and health care. The Republican response from Congressman Paul Ryan, Chair, House Budget Committee clearly indicates that the parties in Congress will move forward with sharply different policy approaches. The critical priorities for Johnson & Johnson include:

    · Supporting policies that will drive the growth of our businesses in a competitive global environment: During the State of the Union address President Obama noted “to help our companies compete, we also have to knock down barriers that stand in the way of their success.” Johnson & Johnson is focused on advancing legislative initiatives that reduce barriers to growth and provide incentives for innovation. This includes supporting corporate tax reform, fostering free trade agreements that protect intellectual property and advocating for incentives that foster innovation in life sciences. Recently, Johnson & Johnson Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Dominic Caruso participated in a meeting with Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner, Treasury staff and other CFO’s to discuss critical issues such as corporate tax reform.

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    • No wonder this company has turned to dod$hit. Caruso is listening to Geithner. Not only is JNJ not going to pay taxs, now your not going to get paid.

    • · Addressing regulations in a way that will ensure the quality of products without stifling innovation: Creating an environment in which innovation can thrive was a recurring theme during the State of the Union address. Johnson & Johnson supports appropriate regulation that incentivizes innovation and delivers outcomes for sustainable business growth. Areas of emphasis include ensuring appropriate consumer and regulatory reforms, focusing on proposed changes to the Prescription Drug User Fee Act, Medical Device User Fee Reauthorization, and the 510(k) review process. Appropriate regulations play a critical role in the successful approval and launch of innovative products across all sectors of our business.

      · Managing the implementation of Health Care Reform: Despite the recent vote in the House, the long term efforts to repeal health care reform are unlikely to succeed due to opposition in the Senate and at the White House. Access to health care remains an important subject in the U.S. Johnson & Johnson continues to support the goal of health care reform, principally to expand access and coverage to all Americans. While we have concerns about a focus on short term cost controls instead of more sustainable measures, we support changes to increase the focus on wellness and prevention, improve management of chronic disease, and create more value in the health care system.

      Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Government Affairs & Policy will stay actively engaged and will work to positively impact the external environment. As this work proceeds, we will continue to engage our businesses in this important work – work that’s vital to our growth and also delivers greater values to patients.
      Best Regards,

      Clifford E. Holland

      Corporate Vice President

      Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Government Affairs & Policy

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