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  • me_thinks me_thinks Feb 21, 2011 10:18 AM Flag

    "You say you want a revolution."

    A budget issue is about money, how much cut is needed and the categories it is cut from.

    It is not about negotiation rights or ability to collectivel;y bargain.

    Wisconsin governor is mixing the two and hoping you are to stupid to think about it. He wants to gut the rights of people to unionize in order to gain long term political funding advantages to his party by eliminating funds from unions who generally support the other party.

    He balmes unions for driving up costs but he fails to say that unions can only negotiate. It was agreeing to what they asked for in the past that drove up costs not the act of asking.

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    • You make some extremely good points. I agree with you. What you failed to mention is the relationship that he Unions have had over the years with those very poiticians who are agreeing to their demands. Until recently in Wisconsin, the Democrat party was the group agreeing to all of the extremely generous demands of the Union. the Unions in turn were contributing large amounts of money to their re-election campaigns. Do you think there might be a "quid pro quo" there?

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      • I am sure there is some QPQ in that relationship. Just as there is in large Corporate campaign suppoters and the use of a Conservative Supreme Court to now allow unlimited campaign buying.

        My basic point is that we all need politicians to leave politics out of this time of national and state fiscal crisis in order to solve it. They are all guilty of creating it when they were in power along the way over the last 80 years. Dems handed out to the left and GOP handed out to the right. Now we all have to make some very hard but necessary choices to cut trillions from the government's obligations asap. We have to get back the ability to look people in the eye and say I am sorry, we would like to help but we can't do as much as we have been doing.

        We have to say that to everyone to some extent now: the poor, the rich, the young, the old, the sick and the foreigners. If we don't say this now then later we will have to tell those same groups we can't anything at all.

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