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  • lblinc lblinc Jun 2, 2012 2:25 PM Flag

    Zytiga. Why did the trial end early? For what reason??

    It's clear to me that -->

    A) Zytiga(J&J) had motive, in the trial, by pulling the drug study early, to ensure that no one could know what the real results would be.

    B) J&J has the weight of Big Pharma (and the FDA in their back-pockets) and had plans all along to go ahead with promoting Zytiga regardeless of the Zytiga trial results. And, J&J will stop at nothing to show Zytiga in the best light possible, even if that means hiding important trial info, and at a detriment to the patients health.

    C) The Zytiga trial failed because it was designed poorly. It did not reach stat significance, and thus, was ended early in case things got even worse. The trial failed to reach primary endpoints and they knew it would not get better if allowed to continue. So they pulled it early, there is no other explanation. J&J will stop at nothing to continue to increase Zytiga chances for use in the earlier stage PC population.

    The whole thing "smells" really bad. And Dendreon is at the brunt of taking the abuse. It's back to good 'ole American capitalism where the Firm (J&J) with the most money (and clout) wins as they can apply unlimited resources to destroy the competition, and buy FDA approvals.

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