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  • kadaicher1 kadaicher1 Jun 22, 2012 9:08 AM Flag

    Prana New York presenation

    Prana New York presenation
    He commented on curren MAB trials(PFEs Bapineuzumab) Said there was great hope and the street is divided down the middle on chances of success.
    For anyone interested. It is a short 5 min clip covering their Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinsons and brain cancer programs.
    They currently have 2 trials running. One in Huntingtons (100 patients, 6 months)and one in mild and prodormal Alzheimer's disease(40 patients 1 year). 1 year may seem too short a time to have any show of demonstrating effct on prodormal patients, but the one slide he shows in that presentation indicates in the last trial they reversed cognition loss in executive function(thinking abilities)in mild Alzheimers patients in a dose dependent manner and some preclinical work is pointing to the same drug, PBT2, being able to reverse normal age related memory loss. Both trials, in addition to cognition testing, include a heavy brain imaging and blood testing biomarker package so results will leave little doubt it is disease modifying. Current SP $1.50

    That one slide on thinking abilities says it all.

    He did a great job of fitting a lot into that little time slot. I guess the conference is more about one on one with invesors or potential partners.

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