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  • wgrepublican wgrepublican Oct 8, 2012 12:24 PM Flag

    'Anybody but obama" most Americans are scared to death of him

    'Anybody but Obama'
    Two days before the first presidential debate, I drove across Alligator Alley, a flat strip of pavement in South Florida that connects the east and west coasts. Through pouring Florida rain—hurricane season doesn't end until about Thanksgiving—I traversed from bluish West Palm Beach to deep red Naples, the state's Republican epicenter. The Collier County Victory Center, the Romney headquarters and office for local GOP races, sits in an unobtrusive corner office building; that morning about 70 devoted Republican volunteers surrounded it in the parking lot, waiting in the rain. House Speaker John Boehner was visiting to stump for Romney and Trey Radel, a radio announcer running for the district's House seat. The crowd, mostly in their late 50s and 60s, waited patiently beneath colorful umbrellas.
    Like so many other times this election cycle, I found that it's not Romney who inspires die-hards to stand in the soaking rain or spend afternoons phoning strangers with canned campaign lingo to solicit votes. The driving force behind these efforts is an aversion to Obama.
    "This is the first time since I've become a U.S. citizen that I'm voting against the president rather than voting for somebody," said Maarten Heybroek, who was born in the Netherlands, but became naturalized at a young age.
    Heybroek was standing next to his neighbor, Ray Bernier, who felt the same.
    "People are so nervous and afraid of this election," Bernier said when asked what was inspiring voters to get involved. "I had to stop reading and watching TV. I couldn't sleep. It was just getting to be so emotional and I never felt that way in my life before."
    "The enthusiasm," he said, "is because people are scared."
    During the event, I asked several people why they were taking the time to help campaign. Obama's name always came up first. "Anybody but Obama," a refrain heard endlessly during the Republican primary race last year, was the catchphrase here.

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    • I'm well off, and live off my investments, but what I'm scared of is the hundreds of people in the United States that have billions of dollars in wealth and have so much power, and getting so much richer every day. People just don't understand how insane it is to have wealth measured in the billions.
      Those people scare the heck out of me, and meanhwile, Romney's answer is to make them even wealthier. What I'm afraid of is the tens of millions of poor people, decide to revolt, and confuse me with these people.

    • "Most people are afraid of Obama". Funny because in most polls about 50% of the folks would vote for him. Typical right wing palaver. If you think things are bad now, it will be vastly worse under Romney.

    • I agree, hard working people of aspiration are scared at the thought of another 4 years under the Obama regime. By the time the kool-aid drinking Obama supporters with their Obama-phones realize what he is all will be too late. Trickle down government just does not work.

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