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  • wgrepublican wgrepublican Oct 13, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

    Stop obama's insanity and welfare programs for the evil

    725,000 child molesters registered in the US. 1.5 million gang members along with 3 - 6 kids each from 3 - 5 different baby mama's Do the math . Each and every one of these 2 vial groups of pure #$%$ all collect welfare and food stamps . Now obama signed into effect a new law where by these animals no longer need to seek jobs. Making them able to collect working Americans taxes for the rest of there worthless lives . I know you guilty liberal whites want to continue support and feel sorry for this demonic group . I'm sure when obama wins these fine individuals will all receive major pay increases . END THE Madness Now Vote Romney

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    • Women Review Debate 3, Governor Mitt Romney Pasted The Test, Ready to Lead USA
      By USA_Jewish_Women 10 22 2012

      Debate 3: Women's Review: President Obama Was Arrogant, Disrespectfully Angry Condescending to Governor Mitt Romney on Oct 22, 2012.

      Mitt Romney's Stunning turnaround in these past 3 debates

      Obama has lost support among Jewish women voters.

      Most Jews are Turn Against Obama across the 50 states,

      A Jewish Women Focus Group of 7,890 on October 22, 2012

      President Obama Was arrogant, angry, disrespectfully, condescending and much to aggressive, did not look very presidential at all.

      Governor Mitt Romney looked much more presidential, ready to be commander-in-chief. America he said, needs a strong economy in order to have a strong military for our National Security now and in the future.

      We came away from this debate with a very good impression of Mitt Romney, in that he would be a “ a safe pair of hands.”

      We feel he’s tough enough to do what’s necessary, but laid-back enough not to do too much and get us into another war. Romney did not attack President Obama's policies, he simply pointed out a few improvements in a respectable way.

      During the debate Governor Mitt Romney seemed more like the president and Barack Obama more like the candidate and challenger.

      Governor Mitt Romney was calm, thoughtful, relaxed, steady and looked very presidential. He looked and acted ready to take the job as commander-in-chief. Expressed his views on Iran's Nuclear threat and the USA support of Israel, our good friend and ally.

      He impressed us tonight, in that a vote for him is a vote for American security, peace and safety, a strong economy, a strong military, millions of higher paying jobs, prosperity and quiet peaceful life for us and our families.

      The world is much to scary these days; Americans aren’t looking for a scary weak president.

      Tonight we came away with the feeling that President Obama is more the scary one, in America's weaken relationship with Israel, a closer to Nuclear Iran, our weak economy and the huge 16 Trillion Dollars in Debt, that in itself Threatens our National Security.

      We can not afford four more years of president Obama's spending and borrowing another 5 or 6 trillion dollars from countries like China. Our jewish women's focus group therefore endorse Governor Mitt Romney for the next president of the United States of America.

      Obama's Re-Election is very questionable. Vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

    • Time for your meds little boy!

    • What moronic exudations and vomitous jambalays of idocies. When you were born you were imprinted with a belief system, if you were born on that little piece of dirt called Iran, you would have been imprinted with the Muslim belief system, and porbably would have become a terrorist, wanting to kill the infidel Christians. But you were probably born on a different little piece of dirt, and was imprinted with a different belief system. Just like a baby duck when it hatches, is imprinted with the first thing it sees, and will follow it, even if it is a cow. Now, if one uses their intelligence, and reason and uses logic, they can overcome this silly imprinting, but repubocraps never reach this stage, as they are for most part non-thinking organisms. Just like blind fish in a cave, they never see the light. Sad but true.

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