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  • dwb360 dwb360 Oct 13, 2012 3:34 PM Flag

    What Romney Believes

    What Romney believes!

    1 Reducing taxes and regulations will create jobs. This was the policy under Bush that took our country from a budget surplus to a budget deficit and failed to sustain a vital growing economy.

    2. Only those individuals currently covered by medical insurance should be covered for pre-existing conditions.

    3. Competition between the insurance companies will reduce medical costs. Isn’t this what we have today for everyone under the age of 65? Have you premiums gone up and health care improved?

    4. The current Social Security system should be changed to allow individuals to invest their retirement funds in the stock market in hopes of getting a higher return. How much money would you have lost if you had sold the stocks in your retirement fund at the bottom of the recession?

    5.You believe that higher income earners (those in the top 10%) should pay taxes at lower rate than Warren Buffet’s secretary or the average wage earner.

    6. Taxes and regulations, not the lack of demand, were the major cause of the recession.

    7. That the banking and financial industry does not need to be regulated. What do you think caused the housing industry to collapse and the banks to need financial aid from the government to survive?

    8. Women should be paid less than men for the same job.

    9. That the United States should increase its military spending even though the U.S.
    already spends more on defense than the next 13 countries with the highest defense budgets.

    10 That companies are people and should be allowed to make unlimited political contributions without disclosure.

    It is your vote. This former Republican is voting for Obama

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    • Ah, yes a "former" Republican. Your total distortion of what Romney has said aside, I have been invested in equities nearly forty years and I didn't lose a cent in the 2009 collapse because I didn't sell. Stocks are along term investment and over the long term one of the best investments ever.

    • If your that stupid, go ahead! BTW, the recession was caused by the housing failure, supported by the Dems, fostered by Frank & Dodd and Clinton who introduced the concept of 'free homes for everyone'. Give it a break!

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      • 2 Replies to laddiefree
      • That shows how ignorant you are. The program was successful for Clinton because it gave mortgages to people who could afford it. In 2004, Bush de-regulated the mortgages companies to allow them to give huge loans to people who could not afford them so get your facts straight laddiefree. Do not comment on issues you do not understand.

      • And banks, mortgage companies, realtors all pushed to the limits of greed. I know those poor bankers are just victims of their own derivatives. Just because something is policy doesn't mean it should be perverted by greed. The banks invented the mortgages, the mortgage companies and realtors over inflated housing values. Mr Clinton, Frank and Dodd did not write those mortgages.

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