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  • demedici Oct 20, 2012 1:05 PM Flag

    The basic DIFFERENCE between Obama and Romney

    Let's be honest, Obama had A LOT of POWER for the first 2 years of his administration. He made promises about what his policies at that time would accomplish. He passed those policies and threw his weight around. He famously and arrogantly said "elections have consequences."

    Then when his policies failed and alienated the Republicans, he was severally hamstrung. He had no trust or good will. Uncertainty prevailed, which left businesses and banks frozen. They could not invest or lend because there was no ability to plan long term.

    Meanwhile, Obama's big strategy was divide the classes and demonize business who spur growth and hire people and so on.

    Obama had NO IDEA what he was getting into. He had all these lofty notions which he apparently read about and heard it about in elite leftist institutions. These would not have happened under Romney who understands how the economy works, how business thinks...what is determinative of whether or not hiring takes place.

    First thing and more important thing Mitt will do is just bring certainty to the economy. With an estimated trillion dollars on sidelines, certainty and a business friendly environment alone wil unleash a wave of economic growth.

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