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  • carolharold123 carolharold123 Nov 4, 2012 10:17 PM Flag

    How Much Revenue Will JNJ Lose If Romney Outlaws Abortion?

    Sometimes it is hard to believe the ignorance displayed on these message boards. No President ever made a law. I find it very disturbing the public schools are no longer teaching how laws are made and what laws can't be made.

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    • Carol, in additiona to what you said, Bush had control of both houses during the early years of his presidency and none of the draconian things liberals blather on about ever happend, or were even suggested. Slavery was not reinstituted, abortion was not outlawed, contrecptives were not outlawed, women didn't lose the vote, religion was not forced on the population, medicare and social secutrity were not ended, poor people were not forced to live the a matter of fact the unemployment rate dropped to 4% and the economy was great up until the dems took over the house and seante in the 2006 elections.

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      • This is a different situation. For the past decade, there has been a move to put anti-abortion and even anti-contraception people in Congress and in other organizations that are influential partly because of having large amounts of money to distribute. Citizens United helped accelerate that process.

        I think it's wrong to assume that there's no power behind the Republican platform.

        Did you realize a "personhood" law would outlaw two of the most popular forms of birth control: the pill and the IUD.

        The majority of doctors who recall women showing up to ER's almost bleeding to death have retired from practice or have died. Since most of us don't remember the olden days (except hearing about it from parents, friends, etc.) it's easy to ignore or dismiss the seriousness of what some propose to do. Even women with ectopic pregnancies, etc. that threaten women's health and sometimes their lives (some women still die during pregnancy and childbirth) would be prevented from getting lifesaving abortions in some parts of the country. This is not a "throwaway" issue, IMHO.

      • The social issue climate is much farther to the right in the "tea party" portion of the Republican party. Notice that centrist, long term members of Congress such as Richard Lugar of Indiana and Orrin Hatch of Utah were defeated in Republican primaries because they were said to be too liberal. There are more examples, but most readers will be familiar with these names. A long term Republican Senator from Maine resigned because she could no longer tolerate the path of her party. There are many more examples of what is happening.

      • hey demsdumb
        Bush was getting around to that but he had to go to war first!

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      • President George W. Bush wasn't anywhere as far right on social issues as some are now.

    • Presidents nominate Supreme Court judges and there is likely to be at least one or two court vacancies during the next four years.
      Roe v. Wade could be one judge away from being overturned. There are groups waiting for a change in the court to begin the legal process of overturning Roe v. Wade.

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      • It is not that simple, ever. Prior to roe vs wade a state had every right to make abortion legal. That right is unaffected lacking an amendment to the U. S, Constitution. Further, Roe V Wade was not a decision that allowed abortion on demand. You should read the decision to see what it says. The fact is, those states allowing late term abortions, for example, do so because it is the right of the states to determine such laws. Many states don't allow late term abortions on demand.

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