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  • wgboxman2 wgboxman2 Aug 22, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

    P+G advertising on Al Jazerra networks


    P+G advertising on al jazeera networks
    Our family just informed P+G that will will no longer use any products under their umbrella. As a proud Republican our family has decided to never purchase any P+G product. Let P+G know that you intend on doing the same. They have the liberal far left haters of America and lovers of our communist government left to buy their garbage,
    Once the news of p+g supporting A J networks hits the fan I would expect a large sell off in our ( no longer ) share price. Gillette , Dawn , Cheer , etc can all kiss my butt. Please forward this message to all. The democrats organize protest marches , they picket yell and whine and go after advertisers unless they conform to the far left ideas. Its high time Republicans in America stand up and unite to protect our countries free rights and put an end to our communist leaders dreams of his father. Please call and write today and stop buying this and all other advertisers products that air on A.J networks. For once let America hear your voices. You can find a partial list of yesterdays advertisers online. Please follow up and keep us all informed as to any and all companies advertising on A.J. I will do the same. I hope I never see a JNJ product ad on A.J.

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