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  • vegas_trader777 vegas_trader777 May 18, 2009 10:15 AM Flag

    Great Timing, Carl.......


    That's certainly one way to take the wind out of our sails!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Vegas one week your talking about a blunder and then a few days later it's stuck in the mud? Your so emotional and it's simply a business being built. Are you worried about day to day trades or waiting for the work that has and is being done to bear fruit?

      CDS and or Carl DeSantis registering shares is a non story. Its well within his right to do so but nothing implies that he is selling today!

      Relax and let this thing come together here! I see so many things about to hit here but everyone has a different point of view!

    • As painful as this little blip may be, we wouldn't have even had that run up to $0.20 without Carl.

      So, I'm grateful for the financing that he's provided. I understand that when a creditor finances a start-up company, they are entitled to certain privileges, such as the privilege to convert debt into equity.

      My time horizon for this stock is 2-5 years. By that point, I expect us to be trading in the dollars (and I'm not just talking the $1-$2 range). It happened with HANS when they capitalized on a previously unexploited niche, and it will happen to us.

      Temporary setbacks such as this today are fine with me. It just allows me to pick up more shares at a discount.

      Long term vision and patience will pay off with CSUH.

    • what happened?

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      • Well, I do not know why anyone would be surprised if he sells a few shares, despite all the exaltation of Mr. DeSantis on this board, why is he not allowed to be a businessman, and make a profit from his investment?

        After all, that is what I am in it for, and presumably everyone else that owns CSUH stock. I tried to tell people that this would probably happen before, and was raked over the coals for my trouble. Besides that, is it not only a very small % of his holdings that he is selling? It is not like he is abandoning the co.

        BTW, the biggest risk factor in penny stocks in general is the selling by insiders or management of formerly restricted shares. This is probably going to be a factor in the future of this stock. Anyone here who is not aware of that has no business investing in penny stocks in the first place.

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