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  • thor1294 thor1294 May 26, 2012 4:28 AM Flag


    Carl has 60 days to sell CVR, If he sells CVR for $36 a share does the price of this stock move up to that price.

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    • Don't think so, you agreed to sell at $30.
      You get $30. from Icahn.
      But if you pledged the shares to Icahn at $30. then you will get a fraction of his profit above $30. not all of it.
      If you did not pledged to Icahn then if he takes it private you get $30. but if he agreed to sell only his and the pledged to new party and they take the non-pledged at the new price, which could be above or lower the $30.00
      It's called gambling.
      I bought and sold several times on the way up starting at $23. and sold my last at $30.50
      Now I'm thinking of buying back in at $25-$26 range on the bases that it will finally go somewhere around $30.00 within next 60 days to someone, but with oil going down, Icahn may not find a buyer. If that happens the pledged come out ahead with Icahn price of $30.
      With surprise of the original CEO coming back as board member, Icahn may be looking at cutting his losses by letting him buy back some of his those $30. committed shares at a discount, who knows.

    • My 2c:

      Yep, I certainly would think so. I'm a bit concerned though, that he is publicly pessimistic about his chances of selling the whole thing, almost as if he has some other plans and is providing himself an "out" in advance. I'm suspicious that he may be intending to sell only a portion of the company, which would mean he doesn't have to pay the contingent value rights to those who tendered. If this happens, the share price should still shoot up to "some level", and those who DIDN'T tender will feel somewhat vindicated.

      I'm sure, with the recent 3 day plunge, at some point speculators will be jumping in long, when they think Carl is finished manipulating the price down, ie. he announces that he has the 90% he needs.

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      • sold out my small position when it was slightly over $30, couldn't be sure it would stay above $30. Sure enough it did go to $31. Now it's back to $26 range, Carl has control and 60 days to unload it might be worth hopping back in. I do belive he'll unload UAN, to me there different like apples and oranges. Admittedly I know nothing about Pet Coke other than it's processed from coal and we know under this administration in Washington it's out of favor. Companies like JoyG are at there lowest ebb. Some day they'll back, but, for now there dead meat.

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