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  • csco_brat csco_brat Dec 20, 2012 6:54 PM Flag

    market cap $4.3 billion????

    This is the nose bleed refiner. TSO with all their refineries is just $6 billion. And certainly it isn't worth half that of HFC with their superior refineries. I guess this is what happens when there isn't much float going into end of year in a hot sector. Unfortunatley i'm short from $43. I will have to wait until a bad day for the spread next year. Not covering here.

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    • You will wait for a bad day next year!

      You are having your "bad day" every day since CVI broke out from the base on Nov 19th and made my account to go up 22% since then.

      Of course, it's very unfortunate that you are short and why are you short is just beyond my comprehension.

      To have any chance in the Market you have to cut your losses fast and let your winners run as long as the Market is in an uptrend.

      Do you want to be right in your opinion at any cost or make the money in the Market?

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      • I would sell and get short. It had a very strong technical move, but it is overpriced compared to the other refiners. It will come back inline eventually. Next year could be a worse year for the spread. The spread actually has fallen to below where it was when it broke out above $41. That is a warning sign. I would sell, and get long VLO or another safer one for a bit. Just my opinion, but you ahve done better than me, so maybe you are smarter. Good luck. One last thing, Icahn was unable to find a buyer at $30. There were no takers. Now the stock is $48 just a few months later. Do you think there are any buyers 60% higher? Almost certainly not.

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