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  • blacklicorice1234 blacklicorice1234 Mar 13, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    first of all who is maguire

    second of all they are talkin 9 years from now. third of all the drought has been deeply modified with all the snow. fourth cvrr is in the middle of the country dam that's where the corn and ethanol comes from . fifth they sell fertilizer if they can t develop a relationship with a coop for ethanol than they should be ground up and thrown away. sixth they sell diesel and a #$%$ load of coke to their sister. and I m sure there are other things. people that are sellin cvi are goin to be cryin in their beer very shortly this one is good at the 5-7% divvy plus I m sure of special dividends for years. but I like the high payout that cvrr is going to be putting in my account more thing the payout is going to be over a dollar for the first one and probably overlooked or not known by some that there will be an extra 60 cents from the over allotment that was sold from the ipo . people that is a boatload of money and if you think that a bit of alchohol is goin to get in their way you ve been takin a bit to much of it yourself. and you that own cvi all that freakin cash from cvrr is cumin your way so hang on to your panties cause ya don t want to be walkin round naked when ya hear how much cash they are going to have also uan would probably cover mostb of their normal dividend . I will not tell this to anyone anymore so keep it to yourselves or tell your best friends cause these companies are the real deal. good luck and if ya buy and make tons of money from what I ve written I am not ashamed to take gifts.

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