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    Know who/what you're 'dealing' with!

    Carl Icahn is a genius; but, be careful who you sleep with!

    Part I. He purchased 80+% of CVI whose two producing assets are CVRR and UAN.
    During the acquisition of CVI, Icahn referred to management (to paraphrase) as a bunch of idiots. That is the management running all three companies today!!!! Icahn offered $30.00 per share for CVI which was the top price he paid for the stock. After secondary offerings by both CVRR and UAN, and special dividends paid out to CVI shareholders, Mr. Icahn lowered his cost for CVI to approximately $10-$12 per share.

    Part II. Withholding information regarding shut downs at UAN to the extent allowed by law, UAN stock price has dropped from the pricing around $25.00 to under $18.00 today. CVRR offered a secondary approximately at $28.00 which stock has dropped to the $24.00 or lower area, and received a Strong Sell rating from Zacks Investment today.

    Summary: CVI was once Icahn's largest holding by price. I do not know where it fits in his holding company IEP (Icahn Associates) at today's price.
    I am embarrassed to admit that I have large holdings in CVI, CVRR, and UAN and am losing my big fat #$%$, disproving the "WORD" that everyone who invests with Icahn is a winner (N O T )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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