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  • mbphs08 mbphs08 Oct 26, 2010 2:34 PM Flag

    Fresh Investor Flood Tomorrow!

    After this conference in adjourned today, I will guarantee you that the big investors are going to be running to their nearest source of internet to make a play on CBIS. The positive publicity on this thing has been huge, and the networks are going to be discussing this event for the next few weeks at minimum. I can't see this thing dropping below .15 again based on the resistance we've seen, but I can see it driving up to .30 by the end of the week. I'll also speculate that CBIS has a very real opportunity of either being aquired or becoming the recipient of a large donation in these upcoming days. Multibillionaire George Soros has already expressed interest in helping CBIS out financially, which would be incredible for the future of this company. My opinion, based in facts and objective observation, is that CBIS is on the rise, not as a developmental company for much longer, but as a future leader in this new and exciting business sector.



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    • Matthew,

      As the previous people before me posted, George S did not specifically donate $1 million to CBIS. However, he did donate this money to the efforts of P19 passing. Which this does have a very tiny effect on CBIS. Does it help out CBIS some how some way? Sure it does. But directly as in 1 million in CBIS pockets? Nope. I do hope P19 passes and my avg in CBIS is .05x - Trust me I have not sold a single share because I believe this will pass. I'm riding out the turbulence at the moment. And yes, there have been plenty of times where I really thought about pulling the trigger and selling all my shares to move on.

      I don't believe the internet polls (even if it's in 19's favor) - LA Times just posts garbage articles about P19 failing because a USC university did a poll on what...1500 people....really?

      I'm sorry but those polls are garbage my friend. Yes you have to be 21 to own & grow it, but to the interesting caveat is at the young age of 18, you can vote on it. I think the underage voters will specifically come out to vote on that measure to help THEMSELVES out when they turn 21.

      California is in debt and this will help them out immediately when taxed. It's hard to ignore this. I might be wrong and this might be pure speculation, but it is my thoughts on this matter.

      P19 will hurt it if it doesn't pass short term. But long term, it might do fine. However, the words longterm and OTC don't mix very well based on previous experience. Not trying to bash etc - just looking at this investment from all angles...good and bad.

      Good Luck

    • Regarding Soros and CBIS....lemme ask ya this...whos the only established ( least soon to be best known) marijuana company? If you were the owner of a multibillion dollar hedgefund,and you were as sure as he seems to be about the future of this industry....what company are you likely to buy alot of shares in? There seems only one knee-jerk reactive answer....especially given their strong business model, and the groundwork they've begun laying in good relations with the FDA.If anyone can think of a more logical choice for mister Soros, i'm interested in hearing it.

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      • firstnamewilliamzort Oct 26, 2010 5:27 PM Flag

        Just my opinion, I don't think that multibillion dollar hedge funds or billionaires like Soros touch penny stocks. I think they avoid them like the plague.

        They would invest in established pharmaceuticals with millions or billions in revenues, like Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(WPI) or Par Pharmaceuticals (PRX), that make a genaric version on Marinol or Sativex maker GW Pharmaceuticals(GWP.L)
        They would invest legitimate established drug companies that at least has promising FDA clinical trials ongoing.

    • yeah where's the proof that soros is interested in CBIS

    • LOL! "Multibillionaire George Soros has already expressed interest in helping CBIS out financiall"

      No he didn't and I defy you to show proof that he mentioned CBIS.
      Another pumper without the facts.

    • Do you have any proof that Soros is interested in CBIS specifically? I know he backs legalizing it but what you said goes way beyond that especially for us planning on holding long term like myself. 20,000 at .11 and I am not selling any time soon.


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