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  • Jan 27, 2012 12:07 AM Flag

    Pot Stocksturbation

    Never saw so much stocksturbation, is this really going to $200/pps? really? Is there FDA trial funding?

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    • Mr. Jett.Rich, please what do you think is this a good BUY and HOLD,
      I would like to buy ERBB as well as CBIS and MJNA.
      PLease your advice would be appreciated.

      Thank you

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      • In my humble opinion, MJNA has no real revenues that amount to a decent EBITA. It seems their business model's focus and agenda's continually morph on a turn of a dime, as they scramble trying to reinvent themselves in the ever changing mmj industry.

        CBIS: Not sure how far along they are in the FDA road of approval.
        Doesn't matter in my opinion. If the suave works, just like medical cannabis works, and they can get it into all the
        17+ states that mmj is legal in, their revenues will go up. problem is shipping cannabis over state lines. One could envision suave kitchens in each state to get over that hurdle.
        It is amazing if it really works. I think it does. Photos look real. I have witnessed a friend whom used mmj and when he stopped using it, a growth or bump under his skin grew. then when he started smoking mmj again, the bump went away over two or three weeks.

        as far as FDA approved cannabis for fighting carcinoma cancer etc, there is none that i know actually in the pipeline.... though have not done the research to see if CBIS actually has filed FDA applications.
        I still think it is a good stock play. esp. if more mmj patients that like to trade stocks hear about CBIS. Because, they all already believe in Medical Cannabis.
        And since they are the voting majority (they've won in 17 states already, it logically makes since that once they hear, they will buy CBIS shares too.
        There are other mmj stocks i found on and news. I think it is a informative sight. But I also think that the whole MMJ industry is still going through many growing pains. It is like an etcher sketch at this time.
        Good luck.

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