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  • bushrulz bushrulz Mar 1, 2014 3:50 PM Flag


    So when a user buy canabis and inhales holding it for 30 seconds.... does this increase the likely hood of cancer? How many times has PM been sued for causing cancer?
    Why shouldn't CBIS be responsible for healthcare claims from their addicts?

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    • go to youtube and watch "Run From the Cure - The Rick Simpson Story (Full) " then tell me does mj cause cancer or cure it?

    • I though research on cigarettes suggested it wasn't the Tabaco but all the additives placed in the Tabaco to get you hooked some 1000 I believe that caused the majority of lung cancer.

    • Also many smokers have developed Cancer from smoking a pack of cigarettes a day or more ... people can get other forms of marijuana than smoking ,even smokers won't smoke a pack a day { I don't assume} ...Lung cancer may happen a lot less than with tobacco....I like PHOT..MJNA...and TRTC

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    • Marijuana May Fight Lung Tumors

      April 17, 2007 (Los Angeles) -- Cannabis may be bad for the lungs, but the active ingredient in marijuana may help combat lung cancer, new research suggests.

      In lab and mouse studies, the compound, known as THC, cut lung tumor growth in half and helped prevent the cancer from spreading, says Anju Preet, PhD, a Harvard University researcher in Boston who tested the chemical.

      While a lot more work needs to be done, “the results suggest THC has therapeutic potential,” she tells WebMD.

      Moreover, other early research suggests the cannabis compound could help fight brain, prostate, and skin cancers as well, Preet says.

      The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

      The finding builds on the recent discovery of the body’s own cannabinoid system, Preet says. Known as endocannabinoids, the natural cannabinoids stimulate appetite and control pain and inflammation.

      THC seeks out, attaches to, and activates two specific endocannabinoids that are present in high amounts on lung cancer cells, Preet says. This revs up their natural anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can promote the growth and spread of cancer.

      In the new study, the researchers first demonstrated that THC inhibited the growth and spread of cells from two different lung cancer cell lines and from patient lung tumors. Then, they injected THC into mice that had been implanted with human lung cancer cells. After three weeks, tumors shrank by about 50%, compared with tumors in untreated mice.

      Preet notes that animals injected with THC seem to get “high,” showing signs of clumsiness and getting the munchies. “You would expect to see the same thing in humans, so if this work does pan out, getting the dose right is going to be all important,” she says.

      Paul B. Fisher, PhD, a professor of clinical pathology at Columbia University, says that though the work is “interesting,” it’s still very early.

      “The issue with using a d

    • There are multiple ways that cannabis can be ingested by the human animal. Anecdotal evidence suggests that in the US at least, baby boomers are smokers of cannabis. Those of a younger persuasion tend to eat or vaporize, and prefer extracts to raw cannabis leaf and bud material. Addiction is another matter that has been refuted again and again by real science done outside of the US. Due to prohibition laws in the US these studies can not currently be undertaken by legitimate scientists in the community. Furthermore, because there are multiple ways to ingest cannabis that are far less harmful and yet far more efficient, than smoking, I doubt that a person that chooses to smoke a substance rather than ingesting by readily available, affordable, and safer methods would have much chance in a court of law. Then again stranger things have happened in courts of law. Your overall tone and tenor suggests a profound misunderstanding of cannabis and the endo-cannabinoid system within the human body. Please educate yourself in the science at least before posting to a finical site, or any other site for that matter.

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