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  • arql07 arql07 Jun 13, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    Wrote company

    I wrote Biel stating I was an investor and I cannot find the actipatch. They stated they would send me one. Got it yesterday and they have really improved the design. Years ago I could buy them from canada and had some issues with quality.

    The new packaging is sharp and the product quality is superior to earlier designs. You can tell they have worked to improve it.

    I usually sleep with either a heating pad or ice pack to fall asleep. Last night I used the wrap with the actipatch. I found more positions to be comfortable sleeping. Amen.

    I understand the bashers complaints and just wish they acted like adults in their quest. I hope that they never develope a reason to use pills for any discomfort. But if they do, I hope they recall how they acted for years.

    I can attest that with back pain you'll try everything to remedy it. I'm thankful that the company respnded and followed through. If this was a scam, I don't think they would keep working on it, with new designs. But that is my opinion.

    Just one last point, sometime in the future one of these bashers is going to develope a condition. I would wager, they will at least want to try the patch, to see if it works. Pain is pain and you will wish you had an opportunity to try the patch. Specially with the numerous posts by this group, one of them is going to develope a wrist problem. Enjoy the pills.

    It's early to decide if the patch gives me a better quality of life with my condition. But I will update if it does. GL

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