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PEC Solutions, Inc. (PECS) Message Board

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    • LOL
      the truth hurts doesn't it
      I love board disruptions
      hope your ass in all you do

    • You obviously know NOTHING about this company to call it a POS.

      Glad to hear that others are bashing deserve everything you get (or don't get in the case of PEC stock rise...).

    • Well done mctr, this guys a loser and a liar and proves it over and over again! ...bunny

    • Just the response I expected from a brainless imbecile.

    • thanks for compliments
      now get back to your bj's

    • <I only flip like most for short gain..>
      <thats why I have this POS at 13s >

      Gee mason, that's interesting considering PECS stock price hasn't been in the 13's since last March!!!

      So let me get this straight: You must have bought last March in the 13's for a "quick flip," held it through July when it was over $22.00 missing out on a 70%+ gain, posted yesterday as a "strong sell" that it was going to the 9's, and post today as a "hold" telling up you bought this "POS" in the 13's.

      Lesson one. To prevent making the biggest a$$ out of yourself on a board and solidifying your legacy as one of the biggest buffoon laughing-stock imbeciles ever to post on any board, you must research your lies so that your story adds up!

      LOL! What a LOSER! You must have lost your shirt at the hands of some "anal"yst as a novice investor which apparently you still are! A wise man once said, "it's best to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

      You my friend, have removed all doubt.

      P.S. One word......Zoloft!

    • I have not bashed only posted links to what all are saying
      I still think it is a POS company and it has limited growth potential. I only flip like most for short gain..but what is one's interpretation of limited? This is not a $50 -$100 stock IMO.
      There is no love in stocks, they sucker us and I like most do my best to ride the wave of bs, cons, manipulation, scams, charts, opinions, CEO mismanagement, old styles, old board members, anal-ists.
      Also, I like everyone else have an opinion and as you know opinions are like assholes and everyone has one of those. The hyping, wishing and hoping a stock to succeed is nuts.
      Buy low sell high, take any gain and be happy...
      I posted a link from the so called experts that clearly states sell and the instinct was for most to call names and bash me. I love it and live on negativity...
      That is what drives me....Negativity...and the market breeds it

    • if you have this pos @ 13 then why all the bashing? you write stuff to yourself


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