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  • eight.ball63 Sep 14, 2012 5:07 AM Flag

    ***SEFE Sells Shares at 3.2 Cents***

    Rory, most people that post on message boards are either paid pumpers that self rank their own posts or people that have no concept of markets. It's funny, I use the word casino to describe these markets all the time because that's 99% of OTC and Pinks these days. Like casinos, these scammers cause a lot of financial damages to older Americans.

    It used to be that using the word scam in a post brought on a slapp lawsuit but not these days. Last thing some of these companies want is to see the inside of a courtroom even if they would be the plaintiff. Finding shares to short is key to making a few bucks at the casino. Thanks for your post, it was very well written.

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