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  • thor1294 thor1294 Aug 5, 2008 5:37 PM Flag

    PJ, thanks

    Thanks for informative March to present phase trial on Prana. So I stand corrected, they have in some fashion or other tried bio markers on an aray of age groups, male and female. I can understand you enthusiasm for this little stock. What's scarey is, if I can see they've had some degree of success why can't the rest of scientific or investment community see it. The market was up today, my other holding down slightly. Prana's volume off by 49% from there average, however, on the brighter side.... there still above there 50 day line. I see back in late Feb of this year Prana spiked up big time, probably on anticipation of the March news you gave me. Looks like a clear case of buy on the hype and sell on the news, Kinda reminds me of this time around.

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    • Hi Thor,
      I'm glad you took the time to read the presentation. I guess with this stock patience is the major requirement. But with low volumes it's PPS is prone to large movements at the whim of small investors. I think this will all change when a patnership is settled, hopefully in the not too distant future. I hold with plenty of confidence.
      Best Regards PJ

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      • as I look over the technicals, fundamentals and chart compared to the rest of the group there in, it's bad. As I mentioned before there above there 50 day line which is a postive. However, if it should drop below that 50 day line it could become a resistant point which may be hard to brake through. Biopharm. companies are pretty much know for spending revenues. The payoff is if they come up with something a larger Phamaceutical can profit from in there pipeline as we all know. I have to chuckle to myself when I see a commercial on TV where a drug company trys to sell there product, then they give you all the side affects that could happen....eeks, the side affects are worst than the problem your trying to cure. On a bright note and I'm not sure that I consider it bright because of recent hype before the ICAD meeting which appears to be dwindling. Prana pecentage change year to date is 7 % where the group there in is 1%.
        There % change in the last 12 months is 59% where the group there in was -1%
        There % change in the last 4 weeks is 14% where the group as a whole was 13%
        I won't mention there percentage change against the S&P, but in was slightly up over the group. All this is postive at the moment. The group there in isn't exactly setting the world a blaze either. Prana sure could use financial backing, there market cap is only 77 million.......a slight gust of wind seems to blow this stock up and down the chart. One thing that drives me crazy is the ask/bid on Prana. I realize we have a big time difference and markets from other countries open after New York.......hard to get a handle on how this stock will appear the following morning.

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