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  • thor1294 thor1294 Sep 14, 2008 8:04 AM Flag

    Where we go from here!

    I hear you on the 4 years. Problem is a lot can happen in that time frame. I've seen a few companies wait to long and miss the boat. a company that comes to mind is Nexmed........they were working on Erectile disfunction. Went through phase testing, the works. They screwed around and screwed around waiting for the right there lucky there not on the stock pink list. Turn on the radio and within an hour you'll here a commerical that has to do with this subject. So, waiting for a stock to develop is fine up to a point.
    Prana hasn't put anything out there to make people interested. Elan has, althought it may be bad press at the moment, Atleast there name keeps people interested because this illness can be solved.
    If Prana has a prospective merger in the works, then by all means.start naming name.
    Investors are interested.

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