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  • sonquiqua sonquiqua Mar 31, 2010 11:15 AM Flag

    phase 2 and management

    Yeah, Thanks, i have looked at the pipeline it is good , but still all of the new product candidates are in pre-clinical and there has not been a clinical study since end of 2008 now. I know that this is an extremely expensive area of research and that the phase 3 will have to be massive.... But why should one invest n PRAN now. Again, the executive lack industry experience.

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    • Well, the plan was supposed to be that Prana would find a big-pharma partner that could help them with (a) financing the Phase IIb trial and (b) designing and implementing the trial.

      As to why no such partnership exists two years after the Phase IIa results, nobody knows.

      Prana at this point is a long-shot gamble.

      Dr. Tanzi, last time I checked, still had an advisory position with Prana. He gave a presentation on AD last year in which he mentioned the metal-amyloid theory and said he was very excited about it and about the PBT2 trial results.

      One theory is that the metal-amyloid theory is still so far out of the mainstream that it has a bit of a stigma attached to it. Kind of like another medical theory back in the 1980s (the theory that most stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria). That theory was roundly ridiculed for a number of years. Eventually, it was proven right by other scientists, and the two Aussie doctors who came up with the theory won the Nobel Prize in medicine.

      The metal-amyloid theory of AD, when first proposed back in the 1990s, was almost universally derided. It has since gained some degree of respect, but perhaps it's still considered somewhat unsavory in the AD research community. Fads and prejudices can persist for a number of years, even in scientific circles.

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      • Marshall and Warren published their Helico bacter work in 1984 and got the Nobel prize in 2005. It took 21 years. The clinical practise changed some 10 years earlier but somehow I think it was easier to see the bacteria with a microscope and convince others than find metabolic changes in AD patients' brain. In the case of helico bacters the convinsing results were those in which the bacteria were killed with antibiotics and the ulcers healed demonstrated with gastroscopy. It is evident that to prove metal theory in AD, patients need to be treated with PBT2 and the patients need to get better or the progression needs to stop. That is too a reason why we need PBT2 ph2b study.
        I am sure that Prana's executives do now their best to get Ph2b started, it is very important for them and not only for us investors. New news in this month have made Prana more valuable even we have not seen it on the market.

      • "Prana at this point is a long-shot gamble. "

        As a stable company with a production suitcase - yes - but shortterm a run to $5-8 level could happen real fast - and with just ANY positive news - big or less bigger.

        Still very cheap, although it is one of the world leaders with an g.t. PII active Alz. pipeline.


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