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  • rtiq3 rtiq3 Mar 4, 2013 2:59 PM Flag

    Presentation at Cowen

    Has anyone been able to hear the presentation at Cowen??? I've got nothing so far - 8 minutes after the stated start time.

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    • I'll just point out that the Cowen conference is a 3 day event which is finishing today. Any "upgrades" from the presentation are a week or 2 away while everyone digests all the presentations they've heard.

    • I'm partway through the recorded webcast with slides. It's really a pretty good presentation, despite Mr. Kempler's uninspiring style. Slide 16 has some interesting info about Huntington's. Because Huntington's is an Orphan Disease, approval could happen quite rapidly. If the current Phase IIa trial is successful, Prana would need to conduct only a single confirmatory trial after that before filing for approval. They are currently targeting 2016 as the year they file for approval for Huntington's, assuming the confirmatory trial is successful.

      If the Phase IIa for Huntington's produces impressive results in October, the share price could go up a lot and Prana will easily be able to raise money for the confirmatory trial. They many delays we've experienced up until recently were due to lack of money. So with money in hand, the 2016 target may indeed be doable. Assuming the current Phase IIa pans out. Which we'll know in October.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • I have not been following this company nearly as long as you to form an opinion on Geoffrey Kempler and this was my first time to hear him - first impression. I thought he was very astute and mentally engaged in his presentation, but with no hype. I'll have to say that my first impression was positive.

        Some of Prana's recent road show activities started to lean towards beating a dead horse by going over the same information, so I was happy to have a quietly confident, but not over-hyped presentation.

        It was news to me that the current drug given for HD tetrabenazine, which only works on motor function with no executive function benefit, also reduces seratonin levels, and resultingly increases the suicide rates among the HD population that already deal with depression as one of the characteristic symptoms of the disease. It just highlights to me, that although bringing PBT2 forward fastest as a movement disorder was mentioned, cognitive benefit/executive function improvement is not met by any drug out there, and the current drug in use has it's drawbacks.

        I am also glad they have to new findings to present, so they can continue to get their story out there with additional evidence, and being a lot closer to the finish line should get the attention finally of many investors. June trial finish/October results is getting pretty if you want to be in ahead of any big move in this stock.

        Timeline for Parkinson's PBT-434 drug candidate was discussed, so I am adjusting my timeline expectations accordingly. Hopefully the new findings to be presented might help to generate further excitement surrounding that drug candidate.

    • I just listened to it following a link provided from the HotCopper forum. Excellent presentation in my opinion. Quietly confident. Many folks on hotcopper that have been buying feel this move might be different. Most think the bigger move might be yet to come as the new proofs are given and digested by the scientific community. It's nice to hear coming from Australia, who tends to lag the U.S. in price action saying they feel it's undervalued and could make a big move. Seems like the vibe is that a bit of patience could be largely rewarded..

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      • Regarding new information for me that jumped out, it was the confidence they have about PBT2 providing a benefit in Huntington's not only in the executive function (which they do), but also towards benefits of the characteristic voluntary and involuntary movement disorder (chorea). So much so, that they feel this movement disorder benefit may well provide the fast-track to market for PBT2.

    • I'm listening, it's going great. It should be reposted on the pranabio website as well as the slide presentation later on.

    • i've got it. Huntington's results due in October.

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