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  • mfj004 mfj004 Mar 5, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    Yesterday's volume

    Yesterday's volume and interest are significant. It was 3 times volume than last move to $3. Also almost all of the volume was above 2.50. We should form a base here until next move.

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    • Why are you even talking in such terms? Prana is not a day-trading stock. If you're interested in the potential to make big $$$ in Prana, you'll realize that these short-term price fluctuations are of no consequence, with the following two exceptions:

      1 - A generally higher price level enables the company to raise additional money without as much dilution as would be incurred at a lower price level.

      2 - A drop in price enables you to buy more shares for a given amount of money.

      If you plan to trade in and out on these little swings instead of holding for a year or more, you'd be better off playing roulette in Vegas.

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      • Hi goutah3006,
        If the HD trial (with results expected in October 2013) goes well, they may attract a partnership deal which could bring in enough "up front" money to make dilution unnecessary. To get a good partnership deal done, I think they would be better off going after a smaller player than the Giant pharmas like PFE or JNJ. The one that I would like to see partnered with PRAN is Eisai (symbol= ESALY). ESALY is a pretty good sized pharma which came up with the Alzheimers drug Aricept. The advantage of partnering with ESALY is that they already know how to market an Alzheimers drug AND they are small enough to give PRAN a good deal. Just look at the deal ESALY made with ARNA for ARNA's weight loss drug Belviq. Great up-front money, great milestone payments, and 35% of net sales are given to ARNA with ESALY doing all of the sales and marketing. I think ESALY would jump at the chance to partner with PRAN because they are already set to service the Alzheimers market and it would be HUGE revenues given that there is no other disease modifying drug for Alzheimers on the market. I think PRAN should actively pursue this (a deal with ESALY).

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    • JMHO,but looks like nobody selling.
      GOOD!,looks like MM's going to have to close out there shorts amongst themselves.
      Always do your own due diligence.
      Best of luck to longs...

    • Are they presenting in Italy tomorrow ?

3.67-0.01(-0.27%)May 23 4:00 PMEDT