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  • stockinsight43 stockinsight43 Aug 21, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    So it's metals building up in the brain that causes Alzheimer's, and PBT2 targets? Oh yes, metals!

    Slam dunk folks. Big money is quietly accumulating PRAN. They were late to this party, but it'll be pretty obvious who's invested come next quarters 13F filings.

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    • Metals

    • Goutah needs to understand that Prana is light years ahead of these recent publications. So copper knocks holes in the blood brain barrier, well what about recent research identified it to be APOE4 and if you go back at least 10 years you will see excess iron for sure knocks holes in it. Looking at all that research it must look like a piece of swiss cheese, and it doesn't.
      So excess copper in the neuron can lead to breakdown of Tau. If he didn't select the info he chooses to cite then he would know that independent research from Susan Lindquist at Whitehead identified that PBT2 could also move metals around inside the neuron to establish correct homeostasis.
      Then if you still have doubts, simply look at the ranking analysis done on 78 patients who had just completed only 12 weeks treatment with PBT2. Thats right, it has reversed Alzheimers disease in humans in the most important measure Executive Function. It also hit the most important biomarker, reducing the toxic oligomer AB42. That biomarker is the signal that the executive function gain was not chance. This trial is to confirm that result and collect a much wider array of biomarkers to prove disease modification.
      We already know from some rodent model work (independently done in China)that when the metals are balanced and zinc concentrations are moved to where they should be, that AB42 production is lowered in a secretase mediated manner. Thats right it is also a BACE inhibitor if you want to took at it that way.
      That is a hint, because it was in a model, but looking at the stat sig reduction in AN42 in a human trial, the work has already been verified once.
      If this is not a slam dunk, it is as close as it gets in development biotechs.

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    • There are no "slam dunks" in early-stage biotech. And nobody knows what "causes" Alzheimer's. Prana's theory isn't about the buildup of metals in the brain; it's about the dyshomeostasis of zinc and copper in the brain. That's what PBT2 appears to target. PBT2 doesn't flush zinc and copper out of the brain, as they are necessary for the function of the brain. It, instead, appears to relocate zinc and copper to their proper places in the brain.

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