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  • kadaicher1 kadaicher1 Sep 20, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    All of this over HD trial delay, when the main game is the Alzheimer's trial.

    Go figure. I guess it is mainly shorts

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    • My post under Delay.
      PRANA is solid, what I see is hedge funds trading shares and another picking them up. This way neither party gets s'c-wed and they can show a tidy gain to their investors since they are now out until news and or analysis is forthcoming (delay of HD has forced their hand)

    • This is what you call big money getting into the action! Kad, every time you RT and almost all others (including me to my detriment), post and re-post supportive information, it is noted! When you talk billions of possible market cap, people take notice.
      In a sense, we brought this upon ourselves! : )

      All I can say, is buy the S out of it when it bottoms

    • Amyone have any theories why the HD trial has assumed so much importance. Considering just a delay has done this.

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      • It's not that there is any specific importance. Hoards of traders who jump in a couple months before trial results come and get out before the results come through. The reward vs the risk is favorable. Though the current share price is a reality check for everyone who thought they knew where the stock was/wasn't going to.

      • Prana ran up in part due to coming news about the HD trial. Now the price is unwinding and the chart is ugly with no support. The next expected news is 2014 which is a long way off. Also management's credibility is suffering by selling $3 million of stock and then dropping bad news. Their news release was a bad PR nightmare lacking any real explanation. The explanation has come from a broker posting on the internet. The explanation should have come from management. There is also a risk that the HD trial is corrupt. March 2014 is a long way down the road. What if they screw up the AD also. Then they would be 3 for 3. I do not have confidence in Kempler and he has recently shown his true honor by screwing large investors in the recent stock sale. It is obvious he knew Prana was going to announce a reporting delay but he did not release the news until they sold new shares. I am holding for the trial results next year so the recent volatility is a gut check for the extreme volatility we will experience next year. Sorry Goutah but most of us watch the share price every day and we care. It does not change the future trial results but it is a lot more fun to see the price rise than fall.

      • Some believe HD, PD, and AD are, somehow, inexplicably, married with respect to final outcomes. I know, this makes no sense but the very fact that it makes no sense makes sense if you think about it. Cognitive function, which, ironically, is so important a factor in these diseases, is almost completely missing in the investors who sold shares of PRAN. Their amygdalae rules! also, as I have already alluded to, there is still a very strong visceral reaction to stock price falling that untried and tested investors cannot cope with. It's really that simple. There is NO WAY they or I or you have any substantive knowledge about delay on one leg of a tripartite venture that may very well revolutionize the bio community's approach to eradicating these diseases. Investors have simply comingled the entire Prana project toward fighting these diseases that a lone factor tangentially impacting a single aspect of the combined drug pipeline has derailed their thinking and common sense. I hope this helps. Simply put: There is no intrinsic relationship to what is happening with the stock price and reality. I have seen this many times.

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      • Kad, this is a stock with people buying and holding, truly not that many shorts, but their profit and of course positions have been able to grow. Word has gotten out in their closed circle boards and rooms.
        I believe we are near the bottom 3.3-3.5 area.
        Remember though, that shorts will be happy to push this baby up quickly but if something else again happens where there is no information so that stock cannot perform (Is a no show at its own ceremony) it will again visit lows. At least next time, they would be higher lows : )
        It is a delay but the delay is about 1/2 year away; plenty of time for a return to levels where we would like it to be stable at.

        Accumulate is all we can do to build up a stronger support! The lower she goes, the easier to build incremental stronger support levels as we slowly rise!

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