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  • peteharmisan peteharmisan Oct 9, 2013 8:36 PM Flag

    Same pumpers every day

    Even IF the drug appears to be working, you need the other half.....a solid management team that knows how to work with government health agencies, marketing and commercialization as well as insurance companies. See DNDN, classic example of a breakthrough drug that fizzled due to mismanagement. PRAN management hides in their offices in a land Down Under. Until they produce statistically significant data from their P2, it's dead money.....see IMUC. Now, take a look at CLDX....stellar drugs in P2 + stellar management = stellar stock price. I'm really all for PRAN succeeding, but it needs someone other than someone with ties to PRAN (Tanzi) to say how great PBT2 is. What did you think he would say? PBT2 sucks?

    Need to be real. Where's the leaks that the drug is working? Where's the patient blogs or tweets or family members speaking out? This stock is okay for a buy under 3.50, other than that I won't touch it, unless news leaks.

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    • If news leaked you would be the last to hear of it. btw, recent executive hire negotiated commercialization of a drug w/Reddy's and led the company through successful approval of a drug w/FDA.

    • Pumper's, that would be stockholders Pete. I for one own stock which is very different from you. Just a mouthpiece trying to instill doubt to support as short bet. When you think about it, it takes a kind of #$%$ to try to harm a small company trying to cure a condition in which robs dignity from millions of our seniors as it kills them. But hey, if there is a buck in it, its good, right Pete. Bad enough you are calling the integrity of one of the USAs most dedicated Alzheimer's researchers into question.
      .Tanzi is more familiar with PBT2 than anybody in the US, maybe with Jeffrey Cummings.. Give that publication a little time to circulate. You know the pharmas are looking at it now. Anything could happen from here.

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    • Hey FUDstain I guess you missed this last run.

    • Hi Pete,

      I think you are right! If I were you, I would short it from the get go this morning! Being a Contrarian, is sure to pay off big time! Can you maximize your margin and go for it? If you are willing, let me know before you enter the fray, so I can stand on the sidelines!
      Good Luck to you and your cronies in the stock grab!!
      Best of Luck trading!!

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    • You're comparing Provenge to PBT2? Get a grip.

      If PBT2 is effective, Prana won't have to work overtime to convince the government to approve it. The government will beg Prana to get it out there as quickly as possible. Every political force will be aligned in Prana's favor. Did you get the part of the presentation where Medicare and Medicaid go broke by the end of the decade - just due to AD alone! The boomers are about to be heard from once again, and that hasn't always been a good thing.

      Unlike some of the dimwits who post on message boards, people like Tanzi don't have to sell themselves. He's one of a small number of scientists who could be called brilliant, and he certainly doesn't stand in front of a group of prominent people saying 'look what I've done'. PBT2 is part of the story at the moment, and he included it in his presentation in exactly the right tone.

      As for leaks on the IMAGINE trial ... there has been a leak of sorts. The trial was extended, and patients were free to continue with PBT2, and put their loved ones through the rigors of more doctor visits and pills and so on - or not. The overwhelming majority elected to continue with PBT2.

      As a caregiver to a parent with AD, that's all I need to know. I can turn off all the years of bio-inorganic chemistry, biophysical characterization of small protein conformation, metal inhibition of blah, blah, blah. I would never put a loved one back into a clinical trial unless I felt it was worth it. And if PBT2 improved, evenly slightly, the condition of a loved one - we'd know it. We become keenly attuned to what's happening inside the head of the loved one. It affects us as much as the AD patient. The trial participants have spoken loud and clear.

      To be blunt, you sound like a moron.

    • That would be investors who actually do own some stock showing an interest.

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    • Tanzi is maybe the most respected AD researcher in the USA and guys like that do not pump. I thought he was mild about putting Prana's case. If he was unsure he probably would not have given such a positive opinion about PBT2 removing plaques.Only a blind man would call this dead money. It is about as dynamic as a stock can be. So you think the price will remain here or lower then jump 10 fold on the day of the trial results. You know as well as everybody that usually does not happen. The price usually creeps up till trial results and then goes vertical.
      So you don't know they hired the ex CEO of Alchemia who just guided a drug to FDA approval and negotiated a deal with Reddy's to market it. FYI it is Reddys who make PBT2, and mass production runs have already been tested.
      You won't touch it unless news leaks:-) So I guess you bought up big in the Bapi effort when all those rumors were circulating about success, or maybe the Neurochem trial when success with Alzhemed leaked, or Allon when the CEO said they had lots of anecdotal evidence it was working. You must be about broke by now trading the rumors.

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      • 1 Reply to kadaicher1
      • Kadai...just to keep the board peace I'm gonna have to kindly ask you quit calling goutah and wehalverson blind men! LOL I mean, we know goutah may be a grumpy ol' fart, so I think that's about all one can say.

        I completely agree with Rudy being straight up...Do you recall in the course of his talk he called up a couple of instances of mistakes he had previously made and held himself publicly accountable, then moved on to put it straight-up on PBT2 in that sort of humble yet confident way...

        I cannot wait until it's available for replay. There were a number of things said, and a number of key slides that I know are going to help me tremendously in following the cure to Alzheimer's, as it all begins in early 2014.

    • C'mon bio. You prove over and over you are an idiot. Your proof is that the price is not because there should be leaks? You really are stupid

    • We're investors and partners in the ownership of this company.
      Why are you here?

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