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  • peteharmisan peteharmisan Oct 10, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

    Not even any good rebuttals

    You guys are pathetic. All you do is try to draw lines of parallelism to articles written by universities, RT presentations and tweets (sad in and of itself) like he's not financially biased. Where are the institutions, big pharmas and MM? You can't even get decent volume.

    It's ironic to bash I stock I hold long, but you clowns are a joke!

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    • Prof Tanzi went into great detail of how PBT2 works. He has been working with Prana for about 15 years and is very familiar with the drug and its MOA. The company is close to results in a critical trial. He was speaking about drugs in development. The seed money for the trial came from CureAlzheimers. It was their symopsium. Why on earth would you think he should not feature that drug. He was very clear why he expects it to work. He spoke about PBT2 plaque and tangle clearance like it is a fact. That is the primary end point of this trial. He also spoke about why he still is convinced plaque formation is the primary event in Alzheimer's. He gave his reasons for that opinion. If he was a CEO spruiking his drug with BS I would agree with you, but he is one of the worlds most respected neurodegeneration research scientists and gave the scientific basis for his opinion. I don't know if you noticed, but most scientists are biased towards their own technology. Tanzi, is going after, metals, genetics, secretase modulators, inflamation inhibitors and even the spiritual side in his pursuit of Alzheimer's disease. There seems to be nowhere he will not go. Dora Kovacs who he mentioned going after some cholesterol technology is his wife. He would probably be about the most unbiased researcher out there. I heard him speaking about another company he founded and said there were no pharma deals because they were all busy trying to get around his patents. He said he didn't care and it was a good thing if it led to a cure. He is almost as unbiased as you Pete.

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    • You have the world record for stupid jack off posts. You are a silly little boy

    • Nothing to rebut. You've said your drivel. We don't care. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

    • peteharmisan now on the ignore list just too many spamming worthless posts. the only clown is you Petey.

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