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  • canadaworm canadaworm Nov 23, 2010 8:12 PM Flag


    I am willing to listen to your feedback. Are you aware of any lawsuits pending against Titan? I understand that they are spending more money now as they have to pay their board members, Kukov for building the prototype console and Sargentia for starting and helping build the product. Spending more than they are bringing in makes perfect sense to me. Very similar to R and D for a new drug. They have to spend millions on product development and then they can sell their drug legally to recoup their initial costs. If this is a poor stock to take a chance on, then which stocks do you have in your portfolio that you recommend? I am investing money I have no problems losing in order to possibly reap the rewards. I am aware of a urology surgeon aware of this company who says it looks promising. Who is giving you your information regarding an impending lawsuit against Titan? Look forward to your reply with some helpful information.

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    • canadaworm

      Where did I say there was a pending lawsuit?
      Do you wonder why a person finds it difficult to give an opinion? Either you are told to go away, or what you have said is met with obfuscation.

      I was just giving an opinion on TITXF, and that is all there was to it.

      If you want my opinion, the next ISRG is ISRG,
      period. Isn't that implied in my post?

      If you know anything about pink sheet stocks, you should know that because of their lack of liquidity, and transparency, their stock prices can zoom up or down in short order.
      Fundamentals are meaningless for short term trading in a pink sheet stocks, but people have been trained (like Pavlov's Dogs) to think that because a stock goes from 2 cents, to 2.50 cents it has become a sure thing.

      I am sorry I posted with my opinion about TITXF.
      I hope those who disagree with me, see that I meant no harm except to inform based on my DD.

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