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  • jason777kim jason777kim Nov 28, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Next 2 months...

    Recent run up is not due to speculative trading. Sure, some momentum traders may have come in, but the first wave was due to real info. We all have friends of friends who told us about this stock, but I will not disclose my info or position. For you small investors, my advice is to enter before the new year. I used to be a small investor and I rode a small cap from 1.70 to 120. It was the most exhilarating ride ever. Only comes once every decade. Recent movement was not because of some hype acquisition news. Sorry hypers, but I can attest to that. This company is going to go for the home run and sell through several distribution channels. Hold for next 2 years and you may see $1-2B valuation. FDA will not be a problem as robotics is fine tuning and not an absolute like biotech drug companies. News basically got out with a future distribution partner. This group's family and friends and few smaller funds bought the hell out of this stock in the last week. Sorry, but you dont go from 100k volume to 1M based on hype alone. Before years end, another announcement will be made on positive results from second testing cycle. Insiders already know the results and so they had to publicly announce that they know nothing as to the sudden increase in price. This only happens when the company knows something but is protecting itself from insider trading...pure corporate and directors
    corporate governance. If you decide to sell now, you deserve to not make money in the long run. This will be the biggest stock % increase in 2 years. Isrg was also a dollar stock at one point. I will write one more post on the hospital market demand for this product, but not today. My friend is the CEO of a hospital who recently purchased a Da Vinci.

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