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  • valueputter valueputter Oct 22, 2012 3:38 PM Flag

    as a reit worth $24

    True, mainly REITS own the MBS related to the real estate. A comp analysis with other companies who are purchasing units for at least $50K a unit shows ALC is trading lower than that (my last calculation came to $38K per unit when stock was 6.50 range). The many lawsuits keeps it from ever getting to $10 bc the large institutions don't want to deal with a company that has pending lawsuits hanging over it and bc it is trading near the $5 zone. I would pay attention to the past year's change in leadership.

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    • before posting valuations, I suggest doing some due diligence by either talking to residents' families or visiting some facilities - the business is what pays the REIT, and "rents" have to be low-risk to indicate quality assets...satisfied families and residents drive the business model...imo.

    • **these at quick and dirty valuations. I do believe this company is undervalued from a cursory look at the balance sheets aside from anything qualitative such as patient satisfaction, etc.

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