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  • royjm1940 Jan 17, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

    There is HOPE for SILU

    SILU has not benefited from much of a price increase in recent months and it has not been a very exciting stock to own, to say the least.

    I opened my position in QUEST (SILU) several years ago at over $2.00 per share with a dividend in the range of 8 percent as I remember. I planned to be a long term holder while collecting my dividend and a small but steady stock price appreciation. The years following were disappointing.

    Some time back I bought another Sprott company, SCPZF, and for months it was just as disappointing as SILU and maybe even more so. A few weeks ago SCPZF declared a monthly dividend of $0.038 or $0.456 on an annualized basis. Since the dividend was declared the stock price of SCPZF has increased by more than 28 percent.

    After reading the review for 2012 for SILU, I believe we are near a dividend increase. I hope the dividend increase will be large enough to encourage new buyers and that the price of SILU will start going up.

    I am very pleased with the progress the Sprott organization has made with SILU and I think we age going to do very with this organization.

    Good luck to all.

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