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  • gtb200 gtb200 Jan 29, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    Don't Understand Why Drop 20%, What's Going On. Please advise

    Thank you in advance

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    • It has 30 full time employees, its making money and seems agressive, PE ratio is awfully high for its operating and profit margins and its most likely going to drop a bit, long term this company is likely to do quite well. Short term it should likely be a buy after it stops collapsing I'm guessing around $3 to $3.5 (charts look like its still free falling, but how far I'm not sure). When its oversold upon my charts I'll likely buy in. If it doesn't oversell I'll just watch it. The stock jumped up on news releases causing massive pumping, it held even at inflated prices and then people began to sell to take their profits and then as it falls its being dumped. If the next earnings release turns out positively good this stock could take off.

    • the stock jumped from 1.50 to 6.50 in a month! 1 month! So, now there's a sell-off and profit-taking at $4.50 or so - still a 3-bagger! Perfectly reasonable, and not unexpected.

      If you have a 3-5 yr timeline, buy some, and forget about it, and look at it again in 3 yrs, and your $$ will have multiplied 3-5 times from here...

      But if you don't have that level of patience, stay away...

      a very volatile stock, and currently being manipulated a bit by someone or some fund, as well...


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The dump phase has started. Best thing to do is to sell, unless you have the stomach to see this fall back to the $1-$2 range.

    • Wake up and smell the scam or get entwined and loose every dime. This is a Capital Venture hope and dream. This Company puts out more news than ever, they have no cash and yet you are asking a question as ignorant as can be. Open your eyes and see who owns all the 11 million shares? You got to be kidding to see they have no money and are preaching hope and preys for sukkers to buy in so that big owner can drop the bag on you. Wake up dude?

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      • Regarding hedgepappy's comments, he is obviously a short seller trying to get the price even lower. This company has been around for 11 years and I've followed it for most of that time. I've talked with the principals over the years and have seen it's ups and downs. One thing I can tell you for sure--it's no pump-and-dump operation. These people have been busting their butts for McDonald's wages and stock shares. Their goal is to make this a major player in alternate methods of retail sales and to earn some BIG money by building a major company. They aren't interested in making $3.00 a share when they can make $50 a share by building the company. And, by the way, all the stock is not owned by one person. Put your money in this company and get your reward in a few years. Don't help make the short-sellers rich.

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