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  • bonds2stocks bonds2stocks Jan 7, 2013 6:47 PM Flag

    This Filing is interesting

    they may use it as currency for potential deal with big pharma....filing says they can sell directly to corporate partners.. more options avail.. news coming soon it feels like...

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    • bonds2stocks:

      I think you're exactly right. IMO, with plenty of cash on hand for current operations, these new financing options are final preparations for one or more substantial deals with Big Pharma. The timing is not random. All in?


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      • elbit Jan 8, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

        Old-timers know I've been in CGEN since 2009 and have met with Gerstel and Anat and Dikla more than once as a hard-core fan, so I should not be misconstrued as a basher or shortie.....if deals are imminent, CGEN should be getting money as revenue, not from shelf offering. Why need further financing options if they are about to realize income? Again, I have the utmost faith in CGEN and that, ultimately, stock will be hundreds of times its current price, but I fail to see how raising a million demonstrates "final preparation" for anything other than financing operations.

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      • yes, All In....

    • At 1st glance, I was concerned this signals significant dilution. But, there is plenty of stock remaining from their prior shelf offering (by Cantor) which they have not sold. Then, I realized that, just like the Baize deal, any licensing deal will involve giving up some piece of the company. I don't claim to know how these things work, but I now sense this filing is in preparation for some very large equity stake and/or licensing deal with a big Pharma. So, this may be the start of the big deals.

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      • elbit Jan 8, 2013 7:51 AM Flag

        The last time something like this happened, the price held well and even appreciated as investors presumed that the co was getting their ducks in a row. As it turned out, the Frisco location was likely being financed along with ongoing operations and the awesome science that resulted. I don't know what this current "dilution" is about (to the tune of about 35%), but there is likely enough confidence in the company to cause a repeat of last episode. Don't know what it means--can't know---but I assume the ducks are being lined up again though I don't presume a near-term big deal announcement.

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      • Sorry that i must say that, but i think that is wish full thinking.

        1. It is not important, if their was kept a plenty of shares remaining from their prior shelf offering. Dilution is not what you could get, it is what you really got, and their fore the last shelf offering was already dilution, not so big as expected but it was dilution.

        2. To interpret that their is a potential for a hopefully big deal with a pharmacy company is as well wish full thinking. If it would be really a deal in the pipeline, usually they would not need that, because a good deal would generate real revenue with milestones for candidates of them. This is an very strong indicator for me, that their is no deal in short and midterms in the pipeline and as well not expected and they simply need money for their operation and progress.

        Do not misinterpret my statement here. I like CGEN very much and it is still one of the most interesting companies i have ever seen. But i do not see, how this company could make in short terms any money, i really do not see as well a deal in midterms, and what horizon 3 brings, i really do not know!

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