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  • cgenbeliever cgenbeliever Apr 25, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    Conference Call

    Very bland. Martin's response that anyone who bought the stock based on previous agreements instead of what they are doing now seemed rather arrogant and nasty toward a stockholder. Yes Martin, we have owned your stock for years and we do wish to know the staus of previous collaborations and agreements. And yes, we are watching for you to follow through with your statements about licensing deals coming this year. I believe in this stock, I own a lot of it.

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    • Bland is hardly the word I would use to describe the conference call. Optimistic and truthful would better fit, IMO. Compugen is not only close to meeting its short-term objectives, but it is also beginning to fulfill its long term vision. New, substantial deals appear to be near and Compugen’s science is beginning to be recognized in ways it never has before by both scientists and Big Pharma.

      I very much appreciated that the company was upfront about the use of the Cantor Fitzgerald shelf offering. I had spoken previously to Anat about this, and I’m glad all listening to the conference call can better understand the reason for raising capital in this way. I also appreciated Gerstel’s response to Ken Farber (kwf1hbf) concerning prior deals. To summarize what Gerstel said: the past deals are trifles (“icing on the cake”) compared to what is brewing now. Gerstel’s comment: “If your holding because of past deals, sell the stock!” was, IMO, almost swagger—one could almost hear him saying, sell at your own peril, because you’ll regret it! That is how confident management is in Compugen’s near and long term prospects.


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      • SBH, I have been a long term fan as to how cash has been handled by the company. Dikla only reenforced that feeling.
        Ken, thanks for asking the question many of us wanted to ask. I thought the response was very positive. Also, if you are interested we gave two proteins to bioline. One of which is moving forward if you go on the Bioline website they have tab for pipline look at bioline 7060. There is a bit of information on the status.
        Ultimately the call is just a call. At some point soon we will have our first commercial deal. Who knows how the stock will react when that happens but no matter what happens in the short term, this is a valuable company.
        Keep in mind we have a valuation of about $200 MILLION, We have had no revenue for 10 years. We have nothing in clinical trials and we have not been endorsed by any financial house. This will all change during the next two years. If we are well funded and can keep dilution to a minimum. The valuation of our company will go up substantially.
        What happens to the stock price today or anyday means nothing. The direction is up.

    • elbit Apr 25, 2013 5:28 PM Flag

      Didn't think Martin bland. He was frank and direct and tried to put the issue in perspective---where he feels the real value truly lies. Was important to mention, IMO, that CGEN has catapulted itself into the highest echelons and that it is from this height that the real value will be realized. The previous agreements are "icing" and their outcome will add prestige but are not, obviously, what he is excited about. His description of the industry's regard of the co's newly-acknowledged value, both scientific and financial, was anything but bland from my point of view. They now have an aerial view. That is exciting.

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      • I was the person who asked the question and I wasn't offended by Martin. I was simply trying to draw out information which I was able to do. I have been frustrated that the company in the past made numerous announcements about collaborations but never reports on their progress and it is fair to assume most have died. it is nice to know that the fibrosis project and the ms project are still ongoing. I recognize that the business model has changed significantly over the last 18 months( which is what Martin was discussing) and I am encouraged that they are now on track. However, we still need to see revenues and that too has been pushed off from Martin's statements in the past.Hopefully we will see something soon. I have a lot riding on this company!

      • MG's assessment of the company means nothing until he delivers licensing deals with cash. Announcements without cash mean nothing anymore. His reputation and that of CGEN is now on the line, time to deliver .

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