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  • sbh3117 sbh3117 Aug 6, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    Positive article on CGEN--Bayer agreement in Fierce Biotech newsletter

    Computer-aided Compugen crashes cancer immunotherapy party with Bayer deal
    August 5, 2013 | By Ryan McBride

    "Yet the deal is loaded with potential payments for Compugen, including $30 million in preclinical milestone fees and more than $500 million related to further development of the two programs."

    The preclinical milestone payments (in addition to the $10 million upfront), IMO, are important. They will potentially fund a couple more years of operation. And, as patworth said, this is but the tip of the iceberg in potential deals with Big Pharma (not to mention the possibility of expanding the present deal to include more than 2 checkpoint targets). I also agree with patworth that the South San Francisco operation was a stroke of genius. As some of you know, Bayer has a presence there. Kudos to all who were involved in envisioning, setting up, and funding the San Francisco operation (including, of course, Murray Goldman and Baize).

    Remember all the doubts on this message board? Repeat to yourself 5 times in a row: "Management can be can be can be trusted..."

    Looking forward to seeing if the second potential deal with Big Pharma (discussed in the last conference call) will be finalized this year. If so, hello $10 per share!


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    • SBH, there is a decent article in globes Israel the business magazine.
      Just a taste

      Compugen shows life sciences companies that invest heavily in science can achieve a breakthrough, even after the capital market has given up on them.
      5 August 13 16:43, Gali Weinreb

      I don't think Europe is over Roche is into immunotherapy. Regarding Asia I would be surprised if Takada did not want to play with us. The US could be anyone but Bristol has the lead if they want to maintain may want to talk to us. Another deal would send a wonderful message I hope we can pull it off.


    • Nice update thanks, for us long termers not that surprising that first deal with Bayer. A number of years ago we did a non c ash deal with them, also Bayer crop science is a partner with Evogene. So we had some connection. But that is not the only company we are connected to, so like you I expect we will have another deal. Really excited about tomorrow's call.
      Which company is going to step up regarding our MS molecules?


      • 1 Reply to suejenseth
      • Hi SJS,

        "Which company is going to step up regarding our MS molecules?"

        Don't know, but remember, Compugen reported (either at the last conference call or the one before) that it was in discussions with companies on three continents. Europe (Bayer) is now accounted for. Does that help? ;-)

        I'm looking forward to tomorrow's conference call, too. With the Bayer deal finalized and money coming in, IMO, the company is in a whole new place. And the investment world, I believe, is just beginning to appreciate the promise and potential.


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