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  • bigredkachina bigredkachina Feb 20, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    Spooking the herd

    One thing you geniuses consistently fail to factor in is the tens of millions of shares that traded hands on this stock sub .25 and what that portends. Yeah that's right sub 25 CENTS.

    That means someone can dump a couple million shares around a catalyst event, #$%$ the herd then pick up those shares plus another 5 or 6 million shares while the price is artificially depressed after the minions have sold, and never be the worse off having done so. Tread carefully here.

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    • You are 100% right. What about those that picked this up at $2.20? I sold a bucket full at $3.09 (I still have a big position though) when I saw the lemming run start and now can pick it up again at around $2.80. I'll take that deal any day of the week. I imagine there are a lot like me waiting to see where the bottom stabilizes and then add a bit more to their position. When will that stabilization happen. Probably late Thursday.

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