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  • soupsandwichcombo soupsandwichcombo Feb 20, 2013 4:11 PM Flag


    Those still in DVAX officially now have giant balls.

    Will we see lower??? Heck Yes.

    There is no greater short term buying opportunity in this market right now than DVAX sub- $3. Period.

    Oh, and for the haters --- if this was a SURE THING, then it wouldn't be a buying opportunity.

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    • If you suspect that holders of DVAX have Podoconiosis , do you think they have inside knowledge concerning one of the actions of the drug?

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      • Yeah right!!!!
        Oh, how I wish!!

        IF I had inside information, I JUST WOULDN'T CARE! I'd be telling EVERYONE! Here, there and everywhere.

        Because, you know what? I don't think that the SEC really gives a care! Their hands are SO dirty and they are SO busy "lookin the other way"......

        ....the SEC isn't just guilty of being asleep at the switch, they're a toothless, junkyard dog that is DEAD ON THE JOB! They checked out A LONG TIME AGO!

        Inside knowledge....HAH! Oh, how I wish......

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Quite a few of us have seen worse than 10-15% reduction over 2 days. For sure there have been uglier days.
      I wrote to someone, just yesterday, that regardless of what decision gets handed down that they should expect (over)selling.
      I was looking at the chart just this morning and it is already down to a 30-ish RSI (oversold) and the fleabags are just getting started. Like I wrote yesterday, it's the sick market mentality of present day; "if you cannot oversell it, then it isn't worth the effort". Hopefully one day they will fix that efffing uptick rule and start to correct what is wrong with our equities markets.

      On Dynavax and Heplisav, the end point is, "you either believe or ya' doesn't" and let your gut be your guide from there on. :-)

      C'mon FDA! The pot is over-boiling here on this thing. Render your damned decision already.......

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Well, more people trade now than invest. That means momentum. The momentum on this is down, so the flow is going to go that way. It has nothing to do with fundamentals, and nothing to with PDUFA. Simply momentum.

        Upon approval, expect momentum in the other direction. It will pop like a mother. The problem may be headwinds from EU news and fed meetings that could tamp down a super giant (4+ point) pop.

    • b.oneil1 Feb 20, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

      giant balls does not mean giant brains. This action is making me nervous but im not selling.

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