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  • gary.myers55 gary.myers55 Mar 8, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

    There are so many positives on this stock

    I just don't understand why it isn't at 2.50 at this point.

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    • ......well, apparently you're a new-comer to the party. You've missed a couple of things that happened fairly recently......

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Lets count---inability to get through the gatekeepers at the FDA, the CFO bailing ship this week, a Board that hasn't been able find a replacement over the past year for the CEO, to name just a few. You can guess at any price with this one.

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      • Interesting list you've got there,timmy. Very strange how it kind of lays it ALL the feet of the company and those connected to the company. It shows the childlike / short-seller manner in which your mind functions.

        Shorts are blameless in all of it?
        The FDA is blameless in all of it?
        Daum is blameless in all of it?
        Guys like Cramer and Pukestein and Hedge/PE are blameless?

        I guess that you really expect people to believe that the company really did ALL of this themselves and that ALL of it WAS IN THEIR CONTROL!
        You should be the best defense lawyer in the world, because according to you there is no way that convicts in prison could have possibly committed the crimes which they are incarcerated for.
        You shouldn't even charge clients for that kind of legal strategy(it's too perfect and flawless....gag! wretch).
        When something goes wrong at your house, I'd bet that you're (somehow) NEVER to blame; now are you?
        Don't worry about that, it's not revealing, it doesn't say anything (at all) about you......

        Sentiment: Hold

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