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  • steamboatspringsguy steamboatspringsguy May 6, 2013 9:40 PM Flag

    Calling all Conspiracy Theorist!

    I am going to poise a simple question - BRaven, Stebensboy and the rest of the crew of the conspiracy ship- if your right and this is all some big game (which it always is when it comes to big pharma and wall street) where do the bag-holders (myself included) end up at the end of the day? Are these guys going to dilute the #$%$ out of this (while buying all of the shares) - leaving us few actual investors high and dry? Will the stock get back to $4 or possibly $5 before DVAX is gobbled up and disappears?

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    • Ya know what, Steam? You're right. Don't listen to me.
      Nothing here is unusual. Nothing is bad about any of what has happened with Dynavax since November of 2012.
      Dino Dina is the worst doctor, scientist, business man, and CEO in the world.
      He never made one good decision.
      That guys got NO BUSINESS, in trying to run a biotech company.
      He was completely wrong about TLR-9, Heplisav, Uniflu, parnterships all of it that junk he put together.
      All a failure.
      All the people that he knows, all the ones that move in his circle, and he chose Eddie Gray to be the next CEO just cause Eddie is one HECK of a personable guy! That's it. No politics, no conspiracy, no deal making, no negotiating, no hand wringing, nothing, none of it, nada. Zip.
      It, all of it, just happens on it's own. Business or other stuff never enters into any of it.

      Eddie is a personable guy, he's the best!
      Have you seen his cirriculum vitae? It's top shelf! First rate! Best in the business!
      He just happens to come from GSK. No politics, no conspiracy.
      GSK just happens to be a partner in $800 MM worth of development deals with Dynavax. 4 Programs worth of $800MM; there's lupus and well, 3 other things. No politics, no conspiracy.
      The deal is great for Dynavax, cause it's GSK. Right?
      Not because of Dino Dina, cause he was bad, remember? He didn't do any of that. He made Merck go away and somehow he tripped over GSK along the way; but GSK is good. Right?

      GSK good, Dino bad; just keep saying that.

      Eddie, ya see, he's here to fix the company. He's gonna turn it around, he's gonna get that approval.
      Cause Eddie knows the FDA.
      And Dino didn't, cause Dino was bad. No politics, no conspiracy. Right?

      Just you wait and see bout that Eddie; he's top shelf, first rate.
      Just wait and see.
      No politics, no conspiracy, nothing happens for a reason.
      Things just "happen".
      Just wait and see.....

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    • 3.) $3? , $4?, $5?
      Answer- I truly don't have any idea about that one. I'm sure that someone does somewhere, but it's not me.
      Jefferies and Crooks is in on this one, and they maintained DVAX at $5 target price back around the beginning of the year, or February or somehting like that. But I honestly don't trust Jefferies; just like I don't trust TheStreet(dot)Crooks. That is mostly because of Jim Cramer and his "minyans".
      We will just have to stick it out and see what gets offered. And yeither takes it, or you don'ts.
      You can call me whatever nut you like, but I don't think I'm imagining all of this.
      In my version of the book, November didn't happen. Daum inhaled some coffee into his lungs the morning before the vaccine panel. Heplisav got a rousing approval recommendation in November and went on to (even a limited) approval at best in February of 2013.
      In my ending of the book, we are all sitting here talking about how exciting it is to be involved with a company and stock like this, and be a part of their success in bringing a needed vaccine to market which is CLEARLY MORE EFFECTIVE THAN IT'S COMPETITOR AND JUST AS FRIGGING SAFE!!!!
      Even the bloody English guy, Sir Minister Templeton, admits that and posts study factoids which prove that Heplisav is better than his company's candidate !!!!!!!!!
      In my version of the book, we are looking forward to revenue generation and trying to figure out what it will look like and excitedly talking about what's coming up next in the pipeline.
      For the record, Sir, I didn't write any of this #$%$ we've been living through since late last year.
      I've been living it though, and it sucks; and frankly, I like a re-write.
      But If I try to state what appears obvious to me, what seems to make more sense, it's conspiracy?
      What can I do about it anyways?
      Who really HAS money for class-action lawyers? Cause it ain't me.
      I guess we just pretend that hedge funds don't really exist and that no one is trying to cheat you?

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    • They looking to authorize 100mil new shares and we are wo define if they will dilute?? It's not if, it's when.. Cash is king and that's what BP wants.. Not a poor biotech with no approved products to show for itself

    • As the chief of the Kennedy / Roswell section of conspiracies, I suppose that I will field this question.
      1.) Where do bag-holders (mine own self included in that too, not just you) end up at the end of the day?
      Answer- You either take part of the whatever deal gets offered and you "tender" your shares as part of that deal, or you don't. You might be able to sell your shares on the open market before a deal closes out or you can hold out until the end and get swept up in all of the shares being bought up at the end, once a deal is closed and a majority stake is already had.
      I just went through all of that late last year in a very #$%$ buyout of Complete Genomics by BGI Shenzen.
      At first I tendered my shares via Ameritrade, and then I backed out of it when the deal underwent the first of many delays. I eventually sold my shares on the open market after GNOM rejected 2 other bidders and the government finally approved the sale to China (which I vehemently opposed).
      2.) Are these guys going to dilute the stock.....
      Answer- I believe that the company already has diluted the stock (more than a couple of times) while Dino was at the helm, if dilution wasn't a red-meat concern before (to management) before, why would it suddenly become so in the end game? We are common shareholders aren't we? Eyes wide open, right?
      Just for reference the BOD for Complete Genomics had absolutely no empathy for shareholders; they backed the Chinese deal fully and recommended it, right up to the very end. (even though Illumina had made a higher bid which would have brought more for GNOM shareholders in the deal).
      I just got done writing earlier today that BOD's (in general) don't really look out after shareholder interest, even though they are supposed to. In reality, they look out for the concerns of the company and themselves; in that order or switched. Again, eyes wide open here.

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      • 1 Reply to theblackraven08
      • Thanks for all of the well thought out replies (sort of) Anyone here have experience with a company with such high institutional ownership. What do the big boys get out of a low priced buyout that the rest of is don't? I don't see how a hedge fund or some other large shareholder stands to gain if dvax morphs into GSK at an undervalued sales price. I also find it interesting that the institutions are not selling ( thus the low volume). With all the not so good news and lacking performance (of what are now former CEO 's) they continue to hold.

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