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  • koufax62 koufax62 Jun 11, 2013 12:15 AM Flag

    GSKs Golden OP

    and Grey is the inside man with the connections to put a deal together and sell it to the BOD.

    At this point, it appears that this could be where DVAX is headed. The last thing GSK can afford to let happen is getting aced out by a competitor that swoops in and steals the company out from under them or DVAX closing a partnership agreement that negates longer term cash constaints. Until proven otherwise, HEP data still matches up favorably against the current standard of care, hence value remains.

    An acquirer with cash and scale would breeze through a safety study like a walk in the park to ultimate approval and a market share leading product.

    Trial protocol/size, once established, alone that are at the lower end of what has already been discussed will send the stock tearing back through 2.00 and higher in addition to increasing the value of the asset in any partnership/B/O negotiation.

    With no immediate cash concerns and near term risks already wrung out of the PPS, the stock looks ripe to accumulate for both short term and longer term players IMO.

    We'll see!


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    • must agree with you I think Grey is the key here... or the key player.. I wonder if the phone calls are already being made behind closed doors. On the meantime, these guys are going ahead with William Blare presentation TOMORROW! - Instead of just going back licking their wounds, these guys are moving forward! Yeah, I think this is a rather positive move.

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      • FDS, I usually only post after hours because I have a portfolio to monitor that requires focus during regular trading hours. A word of advise at this point is to cut back on trade by trade analysis and stick to a conviction that the stock is drastically undervalued and a buy at present valuation.

        From my viewpoint, many small cap bios "just beginning P3s" with a product candidate (pre-commercialization) backed by "data compiled to date" such as Hep are regularly/routinely valued by the street @ 3/4-1 X estimated sales. Correct me if I'm wrong, but estimated peak sales of Hep, again based on all data to date, is what, about 700M-800M, annually or is it more?

        I really don't care to delve too deeply into this tonight, but suffice it to say that acquisition hungry big pharma, filling patent expiration gaps, are hot on the trail for "somewhat distressed" companies with assets of a Dynavax.

        The ambulance chasers? Good luck to them and the cartel that pointed them in this direction because there is NOTHING of substance that can they can run with other than management/FDA not being on the same page hence Dino out and Grey in, and Grey/DVAX/Hep has plenty of leverage and options to move forward and STILL succeed in a big way.

        Play by plays reek of desperation FDS, and anybody fortunate enough to be buying down here in fact have the upper hand and should just keep quiet and accumulate shares.


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